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How to use social proof to sell more tickets

How to Use Social Proof to Sell More Tickets

One of the best ways to sell more tickets for your event is to elicit consumers’ emotional responses through your marketing messages and experiences. This includes the messages and experiences on your event’s ticket sales page.  A powerful emotion that research proves directly motivates people to buy

Thunder & Lightning Over Arizona Air Show

Air Show: Thunder & Lightning Over Arizona 2023 – Event Showcase

Thunder & Lightning Over Arizona 2023 Air Show Saturday, March 25, 2023 – Sunday, March 26, 2023 The Thunderbirds put on an amazing show in Tucson, Arizona! We received an overwhelming number of reviews from VIP Ticket Buyers. Attendance numbers exceeded well over 100k, and we couldn’t

Why Event Ticket Protection is Smart for Ticket Buyers and Sellers

At AttendStar, we continually update our ticketing platform, add and improve features, and even add services to help event organizers hold the most successful events possible. Last month, we launched a new feature that supports both ticket sellers and ticket buyers – Ticket Buyer Protection. It’s an

Point Mugu Air Show

Air Show: Point Mugu, CA 2023 – Event Showcase

Point Mugu, CA 2023 Air Show Saturday, March 18, 2023 – Sunday, March 19, 2023 What an incredible weekend it has been! The Point Mugu Air Show brought aviation enthusiasts from all over to witness the awe-inspiring displays put on by the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds. Despite

Member Highlight: Meet Luke, Ticket Buyer Support 

Member Highlight Luke Cepheid  Ticket Buyer Support  Meet Luke Cepheid, a vital member of AttendStar’s customer service team; he is 27 years old and a native of the Philippines.  Luke’s day-to-day responsibilities range from helping coordinate with our event ops team to make real-time adjustments to helping

Why Every Event Should Offer Buy Now Pay Later Tickets

At AttendStar, we’re always looking for new features to add to our event ticketing platform that can help event organizers sell more tickets, generate additional revenue, and hold successful events. That’s why we partnered with Affirm, a well-known and highly respected payment processor, to add a new

ticketing that changes everything

Things You Never Knew a Ticketing Company Would or Could Do – Part 1

Recently the AttendStar sales team traveled to the 2022 IAFE convention. We recapped some distinct discussions brought forth in the workshop that we held. The turnout was great, the discussions were insightful, and the feedback we received was reaffirming, “Thank you for not doing another software demo!”

bleacher seating

How to Make Sure Your Event has the Best Bleacher Seating Possible

Bleacher seat tickets are typically one of the least expensive types of seated tickets you can sell for your events. However, even the cheapest bleacher seat tickets need to provide a good experience for ticket buyers. In other words, when it comes to holding a successful event,