Why FAQs are So Important to Ticket Sales and Event Success

event FAQs ticket sales y

Did you know that comprehensive FAQs are one of the 20 critical ticket sales page features every event website must have? Not only can publishing excellent answers to frequently asked questions on your ticket sales page save your team a lot of time, but doing so can also give people the trust and confidence they…

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Visit the AttendStar Team at Upcoming Trade Shows

attendstar trade shows

The AttendStar team is busy getting ready for some exciting trade shows that are coming up in the next several months. We’re looking forward to seeing our friends in the event industry in person and meeting new people as well. Below is an overview of where we’ll be and when as well as some details…

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When and Why You Should Offer Event Ticket Refunds

event ticket refunds

In the past, ticket refunds haven’t been allowed for most types of events, but the world has evolved in the last couple of years. As a result, making the decision of whether or not you’ll allow refunds for your event tickets requires a bit more consideration today. Event attendees have evolved along with the changing…

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How to Develop an Event Website to Maximize Ticket Sales

event website ticket sales

Every event needs a website. The reason is simple. Potential ticket buyers are practically guaranteed to go online, search for your event, visit the results they find, and decide whether or not they want to buy tickets based on what they find. Therefore, your event must have a great website so you can maximize ticket…

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How to Use Unlock Codes to Sell Event Tickets Fast and Early

unlock codes sell event tickets

Every event organizer knows that the sooner you can generate excitement and buzz about your event and the sooner you can sell tickets and generate cash flow, the more successful your event will be. Unlock codes are a great way to do it! What are Unlock Codes? Unlock codes are exclusive alphanumeric codes (kind of…

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Measuring Event Marketing Success with Data-Driven Attribution

data-driven attribution

On January 26, 2022, Google will upgrade all Google Analytics 4 properties to cross-channel data-driven attribution. What does that mean and how will it affect event marketers’ abilities to track the success of their digital ad investments? Don’t worry. It’s actually simpler than it sounds. What is Data-Driven Attribution? At the most basic level, data-driven…

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