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We offer custom pricing based on the features your event needs. That said, our system passes on the fees to your ticket buyers, so there is no charge to you. No contracts, setup fees or cancellation fees.

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High Speed Ticket Scanners

We provide high-speed ticket scanners and handheld point-of-sale devices.
Private 4G Network Access

Our devices operate on a private channel for your event at no cost to you.
Dedicated Phone System

This is rare! Most events are given a dedicated phone system so questions come to us instead of you

Buyer Re-engagement Campaigns 

Customers not quite ready to buy? We'll follow up with them with promotions, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.
Event Day Marketing

From last minute announcement to event changes, AttendStar is ready to help market even on event day.
Event Marketing Services

Our email and social services are top-notch and take the marketing worries off your plate.
On Premium Plan

Event Day Logistics

For large events, AttendStar is on the ground to tackle parking issues, weather announcements, and other concerns.

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We Help You
Sell Out

Sell tickets any way you want. Plus, see up-to-date sales on your event dashboard.

We Get

Let us help you maximize ticket sales and keep your sponsors happy with constant marketing.

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We Know Event Logistics

We bring all the knowledge that we have learned from 10 years of selling tickets and running over 8,000 events.

Looking for Pricing?

We offer custom pricing based on the features your event needs.  No contracts, setup fees or cancellation fees. Let’s get started so we can take a look at the features you need.