About Us

AttendStar was founded in 2009 by Gary Bradshaw who has spent his entire career working in event promotion.  He's made lots of money and lost lots of money. He’s been in the event promotion business for 40 years, and he understands what event promoters need to be successful.

They need to not lose money.

That’s why AttendStar’s client retention rate since we opened for business has been steady at nearly 100%. Every year, we help our clients in a wide variety of industries sell tickets to over 600 diverse events, (notice we did not say thousands) and our clients stay with us because we’re engaged with every one of them! It’s a level of service they know they can’t get anywhere else.

We are a small focused company on purpose.  When companies get too big, it just does not work as well, at least in selling tickets.

For this reason, we have to say no to 90% of the leads we get.   We simply cannot get overloaded or the events might not do as well.

Sure the software needs to work, be easy to use with reports that are easy to understand.  To have a profitable event it takes more than that though.

This is where we shine.  We are more focused and simply pay more attention to each event.