Concert Ticketing Software

AttendStar Understands Event Managers and Event Marketing

AttendStar was founded in 2009 by Gary Bradshaw who has spent his entire career working in event management. He’s been in the event promotion business for 40 years, and he understands what event promoters need to be successful.

That’s why AttendStar’s client retention rate since we opened for business has been steady at nearly 100%. Every year, we help our clients in a wide variety of industries sell tickets to over 1,000 diverse events, and our clients stay with us because we’re engaged with every one of them! It’s a level of service they know they can’t get anywhere else.

The AttendStar 5-Point Difference

AttendStar was created not just as event ticketing software but as so much more. We don’t just provide a tool to enable you to sell tickets like every other event ticketing software company out there. Instead, AttendStar enables you to sell tickets and gives you tools to increase attendance. There’s a big difference.

Like the five points on a traditional star, there are five key points that separate AttendStar from other event ticketing software providers:

  • AttendStar is extremely easy to use.
  • AttendStar costs event managers nothing out of pocket.
  • AttendStar gives event managers more free promotional tools to boost attendance within the Event Dashboard than any other event ticketing software on the market.
  • AttendStar gives event managers more advanced analytics and reports to track event success in real-time than any other event ticketing software available today.
  • AttendStar offers more technical, sales, and marketing support to buyers and event managers than any other event ticketing software company.
5 points

Our Commitment to Reliability

AttendStar gets it. If you can’t sell tickets to your event, even for just a few minutes, you’re losing money. Your event could fail. Our Founder, Gary Bradshaw, was a promoter and event manager. He had money on the line just like you, so he knows the risks every event manager faces when they choose an event ticketing software. That’s why AttendStar is so committed to reliability.

In simplest terms, site reliability is non-negotiable at AttendStar. Some of the ways we ensure you can sell tickets without interruption include:

  • 24/7 technical engineer on call
  • 24/7 event manager support number for technical issues (rings to multiple cell phones)
  • Server redundancies with database replication and syncing in two locations
  • Two onsite system connections
  • Backup operating system
  • Second office in the same town in the event of an emergency that makes our primary office not available
  • Three internet connections
  • Two completely different phone systems
  • Satellite backup