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It could be argued that ticketing is the most important detail to the success of an event. Without tickets, you don’t have guests. And without guests, what’s the point of all the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into event planning? But on the other hand, with all the planning that goes into each event, tickets are the last thing you want to focus on.

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Features of AttendStar Event Ticketing Software


We provide high-speed ticket scanners and handheld point-of-sale devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We give answers about your event to ensure an easier ticket buying experience for your customers and reduce phone calls.

Custom Tickets

Add your logo, a sponsor logo, or other information to your tickets.

Account-Wide Search

Search for ticket orders across all events in your account, resend or cancel tickets easily.

Ticket Exchanges

Our ticket support team can exchange a ticket buyer’s tickets if they purchased the wrong day, or change their seat assignments if you are selling reserved seats.

Reserved Seating

Let your ticket buyers pick and buy assigned seats.


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How to Price Your Tickets

Deciding on the price of tickets can be tough. Too high? You might not sell tickets. Too low? You can’t afford other important details that you’ve budgeted for. Luckily, our team has helped plan more than 8,000 events and we’ve got the pricing model down to a science.

What Ticket Equipment is Needed?

There are so many equipment options out there, so if you’re confused, we get it. Which hardware is reliable enough to last the entire event? What software is even necessary? Allow us to explain…

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What Should I Expect When it Comes to Ticket Sales?

So you’ve got your event planned and you’re ready to start selling tickets. A sold out event is every planner’s dream. Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve compiled in order to sell tickets.

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