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Let’s talk about event marketing. When marketing an event, there is a lot to handle – email, social media, texting, and more. Why not allow AttendStar help guide you with marketing promotion?

While we primarily offer ticketing software services, our experienced team knows a thing or two about event-based marketing. Put our years of experience and vast knowledge to work for you.

Features of AttendStar Event Marketing Services

Email marketing

Send reminders to potential ticket buyers about your event, perhaps including awesome pictures or videos to incite them to buy tickets.


We'll email people who started to buy tickets and did not complete the process. We can also run social retargeting campaigns.

Ticket Buyer Buzz

Share awesome content with your ticket buyers, get them excited and create a buzz for your event!

Website Widgets

Sell tickets from your website, display a countdown or calendar for your event.

Unlock Codes

Great for pre-sales! Require your ticket buyers to enter a code to purchase a ticket early or at a discount. Tickets buyers can not receive the promotion without the unlock code.

Tracked Campaigns

Create a sales page link with a unique UTM code for your email marketing campaigns. This will track how many people clicked the link(s) and converted it into an order.

Event Marketing RESOURCES

AttendStar website icon website design

Website & Graphic Design

Your website is typically the first impression someone has for your event. A great site is the first step to providing a magical experience. By creating a stellar site, it lets your guests know what they can expect from your event.

Social Media Marketing

Your social presence is how you build excitement around your event. Use these social platforms to be a part of the conversation to create anticipation and let your guests know what they can expect, as well as provide exceptional customer service by answering questions in real time.

AttendStar website icon social
AttendStar website icon email

Email Marketing

Email is not dead. In fact, research shows that email is still the best channel to reach people on. AttendStar helps drive interest in your event by amping up your email design, message, and imagery. Further, we help you keep track of the success of email campaigns.

Promotion and Ticket Sales Tracking

How do you know if your strategies are working? Besides ticket sales at the end of the event, it can be hard to tell. Thankfully, AttendStar’s software uses data and Attendalytics to analyze data across all events — finding new ways to market yours effectively.

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Event Marketing Services

Great marketing leads to sell-out events.  We can help you do it.

Email marketing is extremely effective for event promotion., but only when the design and message are expertly crafted. We can help you with strategic planning, messaging, design, and tracking so your email campaigns drive the highest return on investment.

Facebook advertising works well for event promotion since the audience targeting features within Facebook’s Ad Manager tool can be configured to show your event ad to people who are most likely to buy tickets. We can help you test ads for as low as a $20 ad spend, so you can test various designs and messages before launching an entire campaign.

Ad retargeting shows ads to people who have already visited your ticket sales page. Over 80% of people who visit your ticket sales don’t purchase. We’ll help you create retargeting campaigns that successfully reach those people with different messages that will motivate them to think again and buy tickets.

Copywriting matters – a lot. Simply saying an event is happening at a certain date and time isn’t enough to make a profit on your event in most cases. The last 20% of your attendees make you money, and earning the business from that last 20% is where the real effort and polish take place. A single message can make all the difference in motivating people to buy tickets to your event. We can write copy that works for your website, ads, flyers, email, direct mail, radio spots, social media posts, and more

Website and graphic design is critical to your ticket sales success. Copywriting, graphics, and pictures are critical elements for your website and marketing materials. But there’s more. Your website needs to work for you by making collecting email addresses easy, encouraging people to share your event across social media channels, and more. With that said, you don’t need a $5,000 or even a $500 website to make your ticket sales soar, and our team will work with you to develop a site and marketing materials that get the job done without costing you a fortune.

Promotion and ticket sales tracking is integral to your success. We love data! Don’t worry if you don’t. We love it enough for both of us! We believe tracking everything allows you to spend less money while maximizing ticket sales. It’s a balance that can be achieved, and we’re experts at doing it. We’re such data gatherers that we even coined our own term for it – Attendalytics. It’s where attendance meets analytics! Using Attendalytics, we analyze data across all events in the AttendStar system to learn what makes events successful, and we put that knowledge to work for your event.

Without effective event marketing, your event won’t be a success. It’s that simple. A successful event is about attendance, and you only get one chance to fill seats.

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