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10 Reasons to Use Free Ticketing When You Don’t Charge for Your Event Tickets

Even if tickets to attend your event are completely free, it’s a good idea to use online ticketing. There is no easier way to stay organized than using a reputable online ticketing platform to distribute your event tickets.

What is Free Ticketing?

Free ticketing is simply a term used to describe the ticketing process for events that don’t charge people for tickets to attend. For example, a non-profit organization might hold a free event. People don’t have to pay to attend the event, but there are significant benefits to requiring attendees to obtain their tickets in advance.

The Benefits of Free Ticketing

There is a long list of benefits to offering free ticketing for your events. Below, I pulled together 10 of the biggest benefits that you should understand. Once you review these benefits, you’ll likely wonder why you haven’t used free ticketing for your events in the past!

1. No Fees

This benefit doesn’t apply to all online ticketing providers, but it’s such a big deal that it’s listed here first. When you use a ticketing platform that doesn’t charge you a fee for free tickets, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of free ticketing with no costs. AttendStar doesn’t charge a fee when your tickets are free.

2. Crowd Control

If you don’t ticket your event, how do you know how many people might show up on the day of the event? Free ticketing enables you to estimate how much parking you’ll need, how many workers and volunteers you’ll need, and so on. Imagine how angry attendees will be if they can’t find a parking space or get the help they need because the event is understaffed! You can avoid those problems with free ticketing.

3. Event Communications

When you use AttendStar as your free ticketing provider, you can send event-related information directly to attendees via email or text message. This could include schedule, weather, or traffic updates. It’s up to you! The information could be useful or simply intended to get people more excited for the event so they spread the word about it, which leads to more attendees.

4. Marketing Opportunities

Email marketing is very powerful, and when you use AttendStar for your event’s free ticketing, you can send email messages about the event, sponsors, artists, and more to attendees to generate excitement and higher attendance. You can even drive traffic to event locations using coupons. It’s up to you!

5. Preparation for Next Year’s Event

When you have an attendee list that you acquire through online ticketing, it’s much easier and cheaper to promote your event again in the future – whether you hold the event annually, semi-annually, or more often.

6. Artist and Event Organizer Promotions

Artists and event organizers love free ticketing because they can use it to drive people to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites. It’s a great way to build excitement for the event, grow the artist and event organizer’s brands, and jumpstart social media marketing.

7. Artist Communications

In addition to the email marketing opportunities that AttendStar offers event organizers (see #4 above), you can promote your artists by notifying attendees when the artists release new merchandise or music.

8. Surveys

When you use free ticketing, you can send post-event surveys to attendees. It’s a great way to ask questions about the venue, artist, and more. You can even ask if anyone is interested in hosting the artist at their own events in the future, which means new booking leads for the booking agent!

9. Branding

When you have a professional, streamlined process in place for people to get free tickets to your event, your event brand is instantly elevated, and your event automatically seems classier. If having a classy event brand is important to you, then free ticketing is a must.

10. Connections

When people have to get free tickets to an event in advance, they’re much more likely to actually attend on the day of the event. If your free ticketing is done through AttendStar, you’ll be able to send automatic reminder email messages to attendees as the event date gets closer. This is important because for events that are simply promoted as free with no ticketing process in place, people don’t feel as connected to the event and attendance will drop.

How to Set up Free Ticketing for Your Next Event

Ready to add free ticketing to your next event so you can enjoy the 10 benefits above and more? Contact AttendStar at 615-223-1973 or use the contact form to get started.