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5 Creative Ticketing Tricks to Sell More Fair Tickets

Sometimes you need to get creative to maximize fair ticket sales. Fortunately, AttendStar has been ticketing large outdoor events for a long time, and we’ve learned some tricks along the way – tricks that we’ve seen work really well to boost ticket sales.

To help you get the most from your efforts, try one or more of the creative ticketing tricks introduced below, and be sure to click each of the links provided to learn even more about each trick!

1. Set the Right Ticket Prices

Did you know there are five key steps you should follow to set your event ticket prices to maximize sales? First, you need to determine your break-even point. With that number in mind, you should identify a realistic ticket sales quantity.

Next, research similar events and research competitor events to get all of the data you need, and then evaluate all of the information closely. Only then can you set the right ticket prices for your fair.

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2. Use Early Bird Pricing Promotions

Early bird pricing promotions are extremely effective when it comes to selling more tickets early.

With early bird pricing promotions, advanced ticket sales can account for 80% of your fair’s total ticket sales. Wouldn’t it be nice to get that money in your pocket sooner rather than later?

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3. Offer BOGO Deals

Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deals aren’t just for retailers. In fact, BOGO deals are known to be more effective at increasing sales than straight percentage discounts.

When you use AttendStar as your fair ticketing service, you can offer BOGO and BOGO+ deals. With BOGO+, you can get even more creative and offer Buy 10 and Get 2 Free offers or any combination you want!

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4. Include the Right Features on Your Ticket Sales Page

If your ticket sales page doesn’t include the right features, you’ll lose out on a significant number of ticket sales.

For example, your ticket sales page should include the date and time above the fold on a visitor’s screen, the location of your fair with a map and directions, frequently asked questions, social media links for sharing and following, an opt-in form, and more.

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5. Track the Right Metrics

You need to track the right metrics to see how your fair’s ticket sales are going or you won’t know if you’re on track to reach your goals. Moreover, you won’t be able to make changes to your marketing that could boost sales if you don’t know there is a problem.

Therefore, you need to use a fair ticketing service that can provide you with the right metrics related to ticket sales page traffic, online behaviors, abandoned carts, marketing cost per ticket, and so much more.

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Key Takeaways about Using Creative Ticketing Tricks to Sell More Fair Tickets

When you choose the right fair ticketing service, you’ll have access to the tools needed to implement each of the creative ticketing tricks introduced above. Don’t settle for less or your ticket sales could suffer.

Want to learn how AttendStar can help you implement these tricks and sell more tickets to your fair? Contact us today.