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5 Ways Great Ticketing Customer Service Helps Make Your Event a Big Success

Ticketing customer service can make or break your event. It’s that simple. If you, as an event organizer, can’t get help when you need it, your ticket sales will suffer. And if ticket buyers can’t get help, you could lose sales with no hope to recover them!

Today, there are so many ways for companies to offer customer service – some more “robotic” than others. When you have one chance to make your event successful, you can’t afford to choose a ticketing provider who doesn’t provide the type of support you need every step of the way.

To help you organize a successful event, here are five ways your ticketing provider should offer customer service.

1. Phone Support for You and Your Ticket Buyers

Many ticketing providers offer limited options for you and your ticket buyers to get help. Online chat and an system to submit support requests and get a follow-up email are nice, but nothing beats human interaction via phone when you need help right now.

Look for a ticketing company like AttendStar that offers phone support for you during your event setup, while tickets are on sale, and on the day of your event. When you have a short period of time to sell tickets, you can’t afford delays, so phone support is critical.

When ticket buyers have questions, you don’t want them to have to call you, particularly when call volume for large outdoor events can jump by 1,000% to 3,000% during the week leading up to the event! Choose a ticketing company that offers dedicated ticket buyer phone support, so you don’t have to handle those calls.

2. Email Support for Non-Urgent Questions and Issues

Not every question requires a phone call, so your ticketing provider should offer a way for you to contact support via email as needed. Ideally, these email messages will go directly to a team member who understands your event and can help you quickly and efficiently.

Having a direct line of email communication to the right person who can help you will save you time and frustration as opposed to having to fill out an online form to open a support ticket and wait for someone who is unfamiliar with your event to get back to you with a scripted response.

Great customer service is about personalization, so don’t accept anything less!

3. Onsite Support During Large Outdoor Events

Large outdoor events are extremely complicated and so much can go wrong. You need access to help leading up to the event and during the event. For example, AttendStar offers a dedicated phone line for large outdoor event, fair, and air show organizers that rings directly to the AttendStar expert air show team.

But that’s not all. The AttendStar Operations Team travels to your large outdoor event, fair, or air show to help you make sure your event runs smoothly by providing support with onsite ticket sales, gate entry, logistics, traffic, parking, and more!

In addition, AttendStar’s Operations Center in its Nashville-area headquarters is available throughout your event. The team stays in contact with you and AttendStar’s onsite Operations Team throughout your event. They operate the phone center for your event and track local weather, police reports, and traffic reports for you so everything runs smoothly from entry to exit.

4. Dedicated Support Team

There is more to a successful event than setting up a ticket sales page and hoping people buy tickets. With that in mind, choose a ticketing provider that offers a dedicated support team whose job is to help ensure your event is successful.

For example, the AttendStar Client Success Team’s role is to make sure you’re on track for a successful event. You can contact the Client Success Team for help when you need it. They have instant access to critical data about your ticket sales, promotions, and more. They also monitor your event and proactively reach out to you when they see opportunities or problems.

5. Text Messaging for Event Day Critical Communications

For large outdoor events, you need to be able to contact your ticketing provider on the day of your event to ensure tickets are scanning properly and to sell tickets for as long as possible. There is no time to waste if you have questions on event day!

If this describes your event, then you need a ticketing provider that you can reach via phone and text messaging on the day of your event. You’ll get this with AttendStar’s onsite and offsite operations teams, so problems can be solved quickly.

Key Takeaways about Great Ticketing Customer Service for Your Next Event

A successful event requires a variety of customer service options including phone, email, and text messaging. However, the human element and a team of people who understand your event is equally important. You don’t want to have to re-explain your event, your problems, and your history again and again. You don’t want to have to wait days for help either.

Choose a ticketing provider like AttendStar that offers dedicated customer service for you and your ticket buyers before and during your events. To learn more about ticketing your events through AttendStar, contact Gary Bradshaw at 615-223-1973 or use the Contact Us Form.