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AttendStar Client Spotlight – Dave Fitzgerald and the Christian Radio Network

Each year, AttendStar tickets a long list of Christian concerts across the country, including more than 60 concerts per year for the Christian Radio Network. We spoke with Dave Fitzgerald, who is the National Director of Events for the Christian Radio Network, for this month’s Client Spotlight interview.


What is the Christian Radio Network?

The Christian Radio Network has been ticketing events through AttendStar for more than six years. The network reaches over 1.5 million weekly listeners through its brands, which are owned by the Radio Training Network (RTN), including:

  • The JOY FM in southern Alabama and parts of Florida and Georgia
  • HIS Radio in parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
  • 3 WAFJ in Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina
  • 3 The Wind in Springfield, Missouri
  • KWFC in Springfield, Missouri, which has been named the number one southern gospel station in Missouri

Concerts put on by the Christian Radio Network showcase a wide variety of acts such as Chris Tomlin, For King and Country, Casting Crowns, and Toby Mac. Events are all held at indoor venues and range from 500 to over 15,000+ attendees.

The Benefits of Working with AttendStar for the Christian Radio Network

“The biggest benefit of working with AttendStar is the personal relationship. If something goes wrong, we can call Gary [Bradshaw, AttendStar President] and nine times out of 10, he’ll answer,” explains Dave. “I’m huge on acknowledgement of communications and instant response. I get frustrated if I don’t hear back from someone I contact. It makes me think whatever I asked that person to do isn’t getting done. Even if the person can’t help me immediately, I want them to let me know that they’ll respond. With Gary, that stress goes away because I know he’ll answer his phone or email. He’s lightning fast, and he and everyone at AttendStar will make sure any problems get fixed fast.”

In terms of the AttendStar ticketing software features that help the Christian Radio Network the most, Dave’s team relies heavily on the email marketing features built into AttendStar. They set up reminder email campaigns and follow up if needed to let their ticket buyers know about any changes to their events.

In addition, the Christian Radio Network has offered as many as eight different ticket options. “With AttendStar, we can customize as many ticket types as we want,” says Dave. “We can even charge more to purchase tickets on the day of the event and give people options to upgrade on the day of the event, which has been really successful for us.”

AttendStar’s personalized service extends beyond phone calls and email responses. Dave explained just how important this level of service is by sharing two stories. First, he has peace-of-mind that if the person from the Christian Radio Network who manages daily ticketing activities with AttendStar got sick and Dave needed to put a show on sale within 48 hours, there wouldn’t be a delay in selling those tickets.

“I can just send the information to Gary at AttendStar, and within 24 hours or less, the AttendStar team will have the event selling,” says Dave. “Recently, we sold out a show and added a second show. Our internal ticketing team member got sick, so we emailed and texted Gary. He set it up with tickets on sale in less than 60 minutes, so we could tell our radio people to start promoting it right away.”

Furthermore, AttendStar’s personalized service even goes to the client’s location! Dave shared a second story about a reserved seating show the Christian Radio Network did with Chris Tomlin in November 2017. “We got the venue’s in-house ticketing connected to AttendStar so we could sell our own reserved seats,” Dave explains.

“Gary and the AttendStar team came out to our office personally on both show days to set up. They stayed in the box office and helped sell tickets on the first night in Ozark, Alabama, and then, they drove overnight to Savannah, Georgia to do it again on the second night’s show. We couldn’t’ have done it without Gary and AttendStar.”

It’s this level of personalized support combined with the advanced features built into the AttendStar ticketing platform that differentiate it from other ticketing companies. As Dave says, “There’s no need to work with another ticketing company because AttendStar grows with the event industry. Someone might say we could save money if we switched to another company, but we wouldn’t do it. AttendStar’s competitive with its pricing. They’re steady and solid, and no one can beat their level of service.”


What’s Coming for the Christian Radio Network’s Events

You can see what events are coming up for the radio stations that are part of the Christian Radio Network by following the links below. Check back often as new events are added frequently.

Click here to learn more about what we do at Attendstar.