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AttendStar Client Spotlight – Stand-Up Comedian Mark “Jiggy” Jigarjian

AttendStar has been ticketing events for many years, and our team is continuously impressed by our clients’ talents. Mark “Jiggy” Jigarjian is one of those clients!

Born and raised in the Boston, Massachusetts area, Jiggy is a stand-up comedian currently living in New York City. He first took the stage at just 15 years of age with a popular improv group, but his first passion at the time was baseball. It wasn’t until he was half way through college that he returned to the stage.

Jiggy has been a professional comedian for nine years now. So far, he has delivered his live standup routine to audiences around the world, appeared on television, and released a comedy album, and more. With a busy tour schedule and a television show in development, the future looks very bright for Jiggy.

Things really started to take off for Jiggy five years ago. That was when he met four people through a local comedy club in Florida who would change his life – the members of Impractical Jokers whose series on TruTV debuted in 2011. In addition to their television series, the Impractical Jokers tour the globe with a live comedy show. Jiggy was invited to be their opening act, and today, he has done over 100 shows with them on stages around the world, including venues like Madison Square Garden. In fact, you can see Jiggy on stage at Madison Square Garden in the picture below!

In addition to his work with Impractical Jokers, Jiggy brings his own stand-up routine directly to venues through his private tours. He also has a one-year residency with the New York Friars Club where he brings the best comedians in New York to perform in front of invitation only crowds. “These are free shows, and I curate the comedians and the audience,” explains Jiggy. “It’s a great way to show off up-and-coming talent and get comedians in front of agents and other key people in the industry.”

Jiggy’s Ticketing and Stand-Up Tips and Recommendations

Jiggy uses AttendStar for all of his ticketing, but his shows at the New York Friars Club are the first that he has ticketed for free through AttendStar. “I’ve been ticketing all of my events through AttendStar for the past six years,” shares Jiggy. “These are shows at comedy clubs, black box theaters, and international venues, typically with 100 to 300 seats.”

Jiggy says, “I love AttendStar’s ticketing platform because it’s so easy to use from a producer’s standpoint, but the number one thing I love about AttendStar is the amount of attention the team gives to producers and ticket sellers. They’re very helpful, and since they’re a smaller company, you can really build a relationship with them. When I first started using the AttendStar ticketing platform, they walked me through the entire process. I can communicate with them by phone directly, and you can’t get them from other companies.”

Service isn’t the only reason Jiggy refers to AttendStar as his “partner for all ticketing.” He also loves the features AttendStar offers. He says, “One of my favorite features is the custom email that I can automatically send after tickets are purchased. I use it to send information about the event’s dress code, the best time to arrive, and so on. My ticket buyers love it.”

He also leverages the post-event survey feature. “There are hundreds of people at my events, so the survey feature helps me learn what they liked and didn’t like,” Jiggy explains. I’m able to make my events better in the future with the information I get from my post-event surveys.”

Jiggy believes that having a great ticket sales page has a significant impact on ticket sales for events. “The most important thing a ticket seller should do is customize the banner image at the top of their ticket sales page,” he recommends. “AttendStar makes it easy to create a ticket sales page that looks like your own brand or website. Ticket sellers should also put as much information as possible on their ticket sales pages to make it easy for people to learn about the event and buy tickets.”

When it comes to marketing his shows, Jiggy relies primarily on social media. “It’s the easiest way to reach people, and with AttendStar, it’s simple to make your ticket links shareable,” he says. “I see a lot of ticket sales from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.”

For aspiring stand-up comedians, Jiggy offers two key pieces of advice. First, “Understand that stand-up is like running your own business. You’re an entrepreneur, and to succeed, you need perseverance. You also need to be able to accept failure. It’s a long road.”

Second, he says, “There is an old adage in this industry that says it takes about 10 years to become an overnight sensation. You have to do stand-up because you love it. Along the way, always be networking so you can meet the right people.”

Remember, Jiggy has been a professional comedian for nine years and found his first big break by networking with the comedians from Impractical Jokers. His advice comes from first-hand experience!

What’s Next for Jiggy”

Jiggy is a very busy comedian, and he seems to be poised for great success. In addition to touring with Impractical Jokers and doing his own private tour, Jiggy is currently pitching his standup special called “50 First Dates, 0 Second Dates,” and he is developing a one-hour comedy cooking show which he hopes to see streaming or on television in the near future. Suffice it to say, the future is looking very good for Jiggy, and AttendStar will be with him every step of the way!

“I can’t recommend AttendStar highly enough to anyone looking to ticket events. The rates are reasonable, payouts are prompt, the platform is easy to use, and the team is great. I use AttendStar to ticket all of my events, and I have no plans to leave!”

Want to see Jiggy perform live? Check out his tour schedule for tickets. To book Jiggy for your event call (781) 858-9800.

And if you need help ticketing your events, call AttendStar at 615-223-1973 or use the contact form to get started.

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