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AttendStar Gives Back: StormPoint Emergency Response

The AttendStar team is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with a local non-profit organization, StormPoint, to help raise funds for a worthy cause – emergency response. AttendStar will match up to $5,000 in donations through December 31, 2021, visit the StormPoint website to donate now!

What is StormPoint?

StormPoint is a non-profit organization focused on responding to emergencies, particularly emergencies caused by severe weather like tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding. The organization’s goal is to be on the scene within minutes to provide rescue, resources, and hope to victims and communities.

© StormPoint Emergency Response. John Peters, Russell Bradshaw, and Jeff Clementi with the StormPoint Emergency Response team (l. to r.)

Founded by Russell Bradshaw (full disclosure, AttendStar President Gary Bradshaw’s son), StormPoint responds to emergencies, search, and rescue incidents around the country offering support in a number of specialty areas:

  • Unmanned Aircraft (drones)
  • Emergency communications and internet
  • Scene lighting
  • Mapping
  • IT support
  • Mobile command assets

“We provide drone search support for many agencies around Tennessee, including for lost persons in Tennessee State Parks,” says Russell. “We also travel the country providing training to all types of public safety agencies on how to use drones successfully.”

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StormPoint’s Work Speaks for Itself

StormPoint has been in the news numerous times since the organization launched. Following are some highlights of the work the team has done in recent years.

© StormPoint Emergency Response

In March 2020, StormPoint was called upon to take drone footage of Jonesboro, Arkansas. The goal was to help assess damage at the Jonesboro Municipal Airport following a direct hit by a devastating tornado that destroyed hangars and aircraft as well as nearby homes and businesses.

© StormPoint Emergency Response

In February 2021, the StormPoint Drone Team and Rutherford County Fire Rescue were asked to assist in an evening search for a missing juvenile in Rutherford County, Tennessee. The team launched a drone with FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) cameras, which would help them find the juvenile by detecting heat signals on the ground. It took just 13 minutes for the juvenile to be found thanks to StormPoint’s provided drone technology.

© StormPoint Emergency Response

Earlier this year, the StormPoint Emergency Response Team participated in a joint water rescue exercise with the Tennessee National Guard, Tennessee Emergency Management Team, and Nashville Fire Department.

During the exercise, a rescue team from Tennessee’s Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team practiced rescuing drowning victims by lowering a diver from a helicopter into the lake by hoist, swimming to the victims, and strapping themselves and the victims to the rescue strop and cable to be lifted from the water into the helicopter. The StormPoint team participated in the exercises in several ways using drones:

  • Locate the victims
  • Provide coordinates and information to the inbound rescue team
  • Provide a live feed of the training to the state operations center
  • Deliver life vests to the simulated drowning victims before the Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team arrived on the scene

“Our job during this training exercise was to provide situational awareness for the water rescue exercise, among other things,” Russell explains. By participating in search and rescue training exercises, StormPoint is better able to provide support, particularly at accident sites that are difficult to reach and after severe weather and natural disasters.

Join Us and Consider Donating to StormPoint

“We plan to use the funds raised in December to replace drone batteries that have been heavily used during searches and missions throughout 2021,” shares Russell. “We’ll also invest the funds to finish up-fitting and modifying our recently acquired five ton surplus truck, which will be used as a specialty high water rescue vehicle in the future.”

© StormPoint Emergency Response

Don’t forget, AttendStar is matching up to $5,000 in donations to StormPoint made through December 31, 2021. It’s a dollar-for-dollar match that we hope will help StormPoint continue to provide much-needed emergency response support to help more victims and communities. Visit the StormPoint website to donate.

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