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AttendStar – The Better Eventbrite Alternative.

Eventbrite fees are often a source of pain for event organizers. In fact, Eventbrite fees and payout processes are two of the most common complaints that motivate ticket sellers to find an Eventbrite alternative. Fortunately, AttendStar is the Eventbrite competitor that gives you more from your event ticketing software but for much less paid out of your own pocket.

AttendStar has been helping event organizers sell more tickets for years and has gained a reputation as one of the best Eventbrite alternatives when it comes to online ticket sales.

Here’s why you should choose AttendStar over Eventbrite to ticket your next event.

Sell More Tickets Without Paying Eventbrite Fees

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to selling tickets through Eventbrite is its percentage-based ticket fee.

While AttendStar ticket buyers pay a flat fee per ticket, the Eventbrite cost is a flat fee plus a percentage of the ticket price – so tickets for Eventbrite often cost more.

Using a $50 per ticket event as an example, AttendStar ticket buyers would pay around half as much in fees than they would using Eventbrite.

And remember the Eventbrite cost continues to increase with the ticket price because of its pricing structure. That doesn’t happen when you sell tickets through AttendStar. With AttendStar, you only have to pay a flat fee no matter the ticket price.

In other words, there is a cost to you as the event manager when you use Eventbrite that you won’t incur with AttendStar. Your ticket buyers pay less with AttendStar, and it’s free for event managers with no out of pocket expenses.

Get Paid Faster

Another one of the most common complaints we hear that makes ticket sellers look for an Eventbrite alternative is the extended wait to get paid.

If you use Eventbrite’s default payment system and schedule, you won’t get paid for sold tickets for days after your event. In fact, this is true for several other online ticket sales sites as well.

As an event manager you’re most likely managing up-front event costs, such as venue, supplier, and staffing costs, so you need to get paid fast.

With AttendStar you’ll get your money as tickets are sold – whether you sell 50 or 50,000 tickets.

Boost Attendance

Reduced fees and getting paid faster are perfect reasons to choose AttendStar but we know these benefits only matter if you actually sell tickets.

AttendStar is not your average event ticketing software. Unlike Eventbrite and other ticketing platforms, AttendStar offers so much more than a ticketing. We’re event management and marketing experts, and we built a lot more features into our software than you can get with Eventbrite or similar systems – features designed to increase event attendance.

You get more free promotional tools with automated email marketing, social media marketing, integrations and more to increase ticket sales.

Other options you can access include having a dedicated team member for your event, parking, traffic and logistical support, professional marketing support to maximize your ticket sales, and much more.

Get More Help

There’s nothing more frustrating for a ticket buyer or an event manager than not being able to get help when you need it.

Sometimes you may just have a simple question, or perhaps you have a technical question and you need an answer fast.

Unfortunately, when you try to get help from other event ticketing companies, the support is often limited to online help center articles, or you would need to submit a form and wait days for a response.

AttendStar is different. We offer more support hours than most other event ticketing software companies.

You and your ticket buyers can get technical, sales, and marketing online support, or you can speak to us via email seven days a week. You can also get phone support Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, Central time.

Customize Your Event

There is no one-size-fits all process to follow when it comes to event management. Your event is unique, which is why AttendStar offers more options to customize your event and make it a success.

Key features include:

  • Generate Sales with Custom Discount Codes – easily track them for multiple promotions, including group discounts.
  • Design Multiple Branded Tickets – include your logo, special information, and more on your tickets.
  • Sell Onsite, Online, or On-the-Go – AttendStar offers flexible online, mobile, and box office ticketing options for digital and printed tickets.
  • Local Ticket Sales – our AttendStar Local option means you can blend online and offline sales
  • High Speed Scanners – for larger events, use our high speed scanners to scan bar codes faster and keep people moving.
  • Unique Reporting tools – AttendStar gives event managers more advanced analytics and reporting options to track event success in real-time.

AttendStar Is Easy-to-Use

Choose AttendStar and you can list your event and have it ready for ticket buyers within minutes!

It’s incredibly simple and involves just a few steps.

  • Name your event and venue. Then set the date.
  • Set your ticket prices, quantity, and type.
  • Decide how you want to get paid.

Then you’re ready to start selling tickets.

Once your event goes live, you can focus on making your event a success by using AttendStar’s:

  • Free marketing tools – increase your ticket sales with our library of promotional tools and resources
  • Real-time analytics reports – fix the things that aren’t working to help boost your ticket sales

Additional Support

If you need additional support, AttendStar offers several options so you can choose the right service level for your event’s specific needs:

  • Classic option at $1.50 per ticket includes all the tools you need to succeed and is designed for the hands-on and tech-savvy event organizer who has the resources and ability to track their event closely.
  • Plus option at $2.00 per ticket includes some advanced support from our event team, as well as graphic design services for your event’s ticket sales page and additional marketing promotion.
  • Full-Service option at $2.50 per ticket gives you everything included in the Plus option plus full access to our event team so you can maximize your marketing, sales, and more.
  • Custom options are available for more complex events and can include custom phone systems, traffic, parking, on-site assistance, web hosting, site design, weather monitoring, event texting, and much more.


AttendStar is also proud to be recognized as an air show ticketing specialist and as a festival and outdoor event specialist. Large outdoor events require highly experienced ticketing solutions, and AttendStar has been a leader in ticketing these events for many years.

The most important thing for event managers is to sell more tickets – and we’ve got you covered. From fees and features to payments and support, AttendStar is the better Eventbrite alternative.

If you want to lower ticket fees and get paid faster, plus you want access to more selling features and support than you’ll get with Eventbrite or sites like Eventbrite, start selling your event tickets now with AttendStar.

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Compare Us to the Other Guys

See some of our features compared to our competitors:

AttendStar Ticket Spice Eventbrite eTix

High Speed Ticket Scanners

We provide high-speed ticket scanners and handheld point-of-sale devices.
Private 4G Network Access

Our devices operate on a private channel for your event at no cost to you.
Dedicated Phone System

This is rare! Most events are given a dedicated phone system so questions come to us instead of you

Buyer Re-engagement Campaigns 

Customers not quite ready to buy? We'll follow up with them with promotions, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.
Event Day Marketing

From last minute announcement to event changes, AttendStar is ready to help market even on event day.
Event Marketing Services

Our email and social services are top-notch and take the marketing worries off your plate.
On Premium Plan

Event Day Logistics

For large events, AttendStar is on the ground to tackle parking issues, weather announcements, and other concerns.

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