More Buzz with Facebook Comments

To help you create additional buzz around your event, we have integrated the Facebook social plugin into all of our ticket sales pages. This is where your event visitors go to learn about your event and purchase tickets.

According to Pew Research Facebook friend counts look like the chart below.

Pew Facebook Friends

As you can see by the numbers, encouraging conversation on your ticket sales page could have a dramatic increase in event visibility. You may need to start the conversation to encourage others to start to share though. So how about something like this?

“What does [insert artist’s name] music mean to you?”

“Have you seen [insert artist’s name] before?”

“What city does [insert artist’s name] remind you of and why?”

Can you think of any content you can have with this, where the winner gets two tickets?

Your ticket sales page appears in this area and the Facebook plugin is below the information (see example below).

Facebook Events


To turn on Facebook comments for your event, simply Edit your event, then click the Advanced tab and scroll down until you see Facebook Comments.  The check the box and you are done.