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Double Checking Your Ticket Sales Page

We know how exciting it is to sell tickets to your awesome event. However, whether or not your event is successful solely depends on you the majority of the time. Making sure that your ticket sales page has all the important information on it, and other minor details, will make or break the success of ticket sales with AttendStar!

• Make sure that you have all of the ticket types you want to sell on your page, along with the correct prices. If it’s not totally clear what a “VIP” or “BOGO” ticket consists of, put it in the ticket description!

• Double check to make sure that the date and time of your event is correct. Also specify what time doors open – you wouldn’t believe the amount of phone calls we will get if you don’t!

• Be sure to put all of the pertinent venue information on your page. Include the venue name, address, phone number and any other information that will help attendee’s locate the event.

• Contact information is a must! Many ticket buyers will call us with questions, but sometimes there are questions we will not be able to answer. If you put your contact information on your ticket sales page, we will be able to help the ticket buyers to the best of our ability and refer them to you.

• FAQs, FAQs, FAQs! Most ticket buyers will have questions about your event, such as if cameras are allowed, how old you have to be to need a ticket, or if food or drinks will be sold at the show. Put all those little details, and answers to all the crazy questions you may get in the FAQs section. It helps cut down on the confusion, calls, and emails that you may get.

• Last, but not least, make sure to add an awesome event description for your event! Include what the event is, who is going to be at the event, and any other interesting information that ticket buyers will want to know.

Now that you have double-checked to make sure you have the best ticket sales page that you can have, go promote your event! Share your ticket sales page URL with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere you can!

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