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Event Activities All Around Your Event

For the past few years, we have really tried to find a way to correlate all the activities that occur around each event that event managers work so hard on to sell tickets.

Over the last 30-some years of event management that I can remember, we have been just doing educated guesstimates or “shooting from the hip” in our quest for repeatable event success.  It does not work.

Now for the first time, accurate record keeping that is directly related to ticket sales is available.  We call this simply Activities.  Sure we thought about some cool sounding names and even one we could trademark.  But Activities seemed to sum up what we do, so we stuck with that.

As with most AttendStar features, we introduce them in a basic format, ask for your input, and then over the following month we tend to “polish” the idea.  We love client input here at AttendStar.

Activities is a feature that will deliver many benefits to you and your organization.  Here are some ideas:

  • Record your cost items so you can create event Profit and Loss reports
  • Record your offline ticket sales for reporting over time
  • Automatically record your AttendStar Activities (coming soon)
  • Determine how many “impressions” it takes to sell every 100 tickets
  • Create a record of task items to make sure things get done and nothing is forgotten
  • In the future you can use our pre-created activities list as a to do list
  • Compare all activities against ticket sales
  • Create ticket sale counts and reports for artist managers and others

As you can see we are just getting started with Activities. Comment on this blog post and let us know how this feature could help you. Where can this feature take you today?

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