event website to sell tickets

Event Websites


Your event website will be customized using one of our event templates to match your event with colors, images, videos, and text that speak to your audience and help your event sell more tickets.

Check out this sample website here.

Event websites designed by AttendStar include:

  • Easy to see date and time*
  • High-quality photography and artwork*
  • Easy to find Buy Tickets buttons*
  • Eye-catching event schedule
  • Comprehensive FAQs*
  • Front and center newsletter sign-up box*
  • Social media share buttons on all pages to boost word-of-mouth marketing*
  • Social media follow buttons on all pages to build your audience of brand ambassadors*
  • Parking tips for outdoor events that can be printed or sent to a mobile device
  • Contact form*
  • Phone numbers for help with ticketing or questions about the event*
  • Professional copywriting that turns browsers into ticket buyers*


Your event website will be developed by a professional designer using the latest, secure technology complete with features that deliver the highest quality user experience, including:

  • Promotional areas to hype ticket offers that give you early cash flow
  • Integration of Google Analytics code for results tracking
  • Facebook and Google AdWords remarketing code integration to boost ticket sales
  • A server that can handle site traffic when tickets go on sale and in the days leading up to the event. For outdoor events, 60% of ticket sales often happen in the two days before the event.*
  • Sliders to show more pictures and messages
  • Countdown timer to the event date
  • Sponsor logo placement based on the sponsorship level
  • Information about local hotels and restaurants
  • Text message opt-in form to send event updates and marketing messages

All items do not need to be included however some items are required.  Items with an * are required.


If you sell tickets to an event through AttendStar, then you automatically qualify for free event website design! Your site will be customized to your event based on one of our sales-optimized themes. This is a completely free service, as we will modify one of our event website themes for your event.  Restrictions do apply, so contact us for details.


AttendStar has been helping people sell tickets to events for a long time, and through our extensive research and experience, we’ve discovered with certainty that events that are supported by professional marketing – including a professionally written and designed event website – sell more tickets than those that are not.

When you sell more tickets to your event, not only do you make more money but so does AttendStar. Part of our mission is to use our expertise to help you sell as many tickets as possible, so offering free event website design and hosting just makes sense!

AttendStar is one of the few ticketing providers offering free website design, and when combined with all of the other marketing services, operational support, and sales support that we offer, you can’t find another ticketing provider that comes close to offering you what AttendStar does. The best part is our prices are the same or better than most other ticketing providers!

If you want your event to be successful with big ticket sales, you need to choose AttendStar as your ticketing provider. Contact us today!