You Pay

Selling tickets online with AttendStar's Ticketing System is always free to event managers.

Get Paid As
Tickets Sell

Whether you sell 50 tickets or 50,000, you always get your money direct to your merchant account as tickets are sold.

Promo Tools

Boost attendance with automated email marketing and social media to increase sales. 

Ask more about how we use a percent of our ticket fee for your event marketing!

Phone Support
For Ticket Buyers

Ticket Buyers have access to phone and online support 7 days a week. Some events even get a custom phone number.

Event Planning

Event Planning resources for all clients, such as traffic planning tools for large events.
*AttendStar Exclusive

Additional Features

Generate & Track Sales with

Custom Discount Codes

Eatch Ticket Type Can Be Unique

Multiple Branded Tickets

Protect Your Customers Information

PCI Level 1 Compliance

Sell Your Tickets Locally

Local Ticket Sales

Sell Tickets Anyway You Want

Sell Onsite, Online or On-The-Go

Get Help When Its Needed

Support For You & Your Buyers

Have Shorter Lines

High Speed Scanners

Know Your Numbers

Unique Tools & Reports

An online ticket sales system alone will not automatically help you sell more tickets, or solve the kinds of issues that professional ticketing for events requires. You need people that can connect your event ticketing software to real event marketing ideas and deeper event planning. That’s where AttendStar shines. Contact us to learn more. You will see that AttendStar’s event ticketing system goes way beyond selling event tickets online.

No minimums. No out-of-pocket expenses. No contracts. No fine print. No hassle. Really!

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