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Finding Racetracks for Events – Unique Space for Indoor and Outdoor Events

Finding racetracks for events is a great option for a wide variety of event types and sizes. Whether a venue was built for car racing, horse racing, or another kind of racing, it will have both indoor and outdoor space that is typically very flexible and available for rental during races and outside of the racing schedule.

As with any event, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a venue, and a racetrack isn’t right for every event. However, most track facilities offer space that can accommodate dozens, hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of guests for casual fun, corporate meetings, or fancy receptions.

Some of the events commonly held at racetracks include fundraisers, weddings, business meetings, corporate training, company celebrations, parties, conventions, trade shows, expos, fairs, competitions, filming, proms, school functions, festivals, ride and drives, award banquets, company picnics, ceremonies, reunions, memorials, car shows, auctions, productions, concerts, and more.

Common Spaces You Can Find at Racetracks for Your Events

Most racetracks will work with you to ensure you get the space you need for a customized experience, and the pricing is usually very competitive. Following are some spaces that are commonly available at racetracks for event rental:

Conference Rooms

Large conference rooms typically include space for an audience and an area for a speaker or panel of speakers. They may include a stage and a variety of audio/visual equipment.

Training Rooms

Training rooms can vary in size. They may be set up like a conference room for an instructor and audience or they may provide tables for attendees to work from. Some training rooms also provide computers and access to a variety of technology.

Meeting Space

Meeting rooms can vary in size but typically include a conference table and chairs where a team can work together on a project or agenda.

Trade Show, Expo, and Convention Space

Trade shows, expos, and conventions require both exhibitor space, conference rooms, meeting rooms, networking spaces, dining spaces, and more. Many racetracks can accommodate all of these needs for large audiences.

Banquet Space

Personal and business banquets can be held at racetracks, including dinners, award ceremonies, fundraisers, and more.

Social Spaces

Cocktail receptions, networking sessions, and more can be held in the wide variety of social spaces available at racetracks.

VIP Suites

For VIP experiences during races, tracks offer suites for smaller groups to gather for business or personal events.


Weddings, proms, and other large events can be held in a reception ballroom at a racetrack. These ballrooms can be transformed to include dining tables, dance floors, stages, and more.

Green Space

Most racetracks are located on large pieces of property and include green spaces that are perfect for outdoor events like fairs, festivals, and more.


The infield of most racetracks can be rented for a variety of personal and business uses as well as for filmmaking and other productions.

Garage, Pit Stop, and Paddock Areas

Some racetracks rent out the garage, pit stop, and paddock areas of their venues for unique events when races aren’t being held.

Parking Lot

The parking lots at racetracks are very large, and they can be a great place to hold outdoor events like car shows, fairs, obstacle courses, and more.

Race Track

When a race isn’t happening, most tracks allow you to rent the actual track for filming, ride and drive experiences, and more.

5 Things to Look for When Finding a Racetrack for Your Event

When you’re looking for a place to hold an event, be sure to review the 20 factors to consider when finding venues. Specific to finding a racetrack for your event, the five factors discussed below should be at the top of your list of considerations.

1. Facilities

Of course, your first question should be whether or not the racetrack you’re researching provides the type of facilities you need for your event. This includes both the room or space but also the equipment and décor.

2. Catering

Be sure to confirm if the racetrack provides the catering for your event, if they have a contract with a third party catering company that you’ll be required to use, or if you can (or are required to) provide your own catering. Get all of the details before you sign a contract.

3. Concessions

Depending on the type of event you’re holding, you may want your attendees to have access to concession stands. If so, discuss your needs with the racetrack and determine what’s included in your rental fee both in terms of your costs and any costs your guests will need to pay when they visit the concession stands.

4. Parking

Racetracks usually have a lot of parking, which is great for your attendees. However, you need to determine if parking will be free, if you’ll pay for it for your attendees, or if each attendee will pay for their own parking. Racetracks typically make a significant amount of money from parking fees, so don’t be surprised if you or your guests are required to pay for parking.

5. Accommodations

If people will be traveling to your event, it’s important to determine if the racetrack offers its own hotel accommodations or if it has a contract with a local hotel where your guests can get discounts on their reservations.

Key Takeaways about Finding Racetracks for Events

Racetracks offer a wide variety of spaces to hold your events, so be sure to include them in your venue search. From picnics to elegant receptions, the flexible indoor and outdoor spaces at racetracks can accommodate events of all kinds.

An easy way to start your search is AttendStar’s Venue Directory, which will launch very soon. The Venue Directory will provide comprehensive details about a growing list of event venues, including racetracks. Visit here to learn tips for using a venue directory..

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