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Imagine how your events would change if you could tap into the brain of an event and ticket sales expert as well as a marketing expert. That’s exactly what you get in the AttendStar newsletter each week!


Since every newsletter includes a link to a recent article published on the AttendStar blog, you get tips, tricks, insights, and even warnings from real experts delivered directly to your inbox.


Why? Because all of our new blog content is written by me based on my 15 years of experience in events and ticket sales or Susan Gunelius who is a well-known marketing expert with a successful career as a corporate marketing professional, as the owner of a marketing communications company, and as a published author (she has written 10 books about marketing, branding, social media, copywriting, content, and technology, and she’s currently writing her next book about email marketing). You may have seen Susan on sites like,, and many more where she writes about marketing-related topics.


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