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How to Analyze Online Event Metrics to Maximize Fair Ticket Sales

In today’s world, data rules – even for fair ticket sales. If you don’t have a way to collect and analyze data related to your fair’s ticket sales, then you may not sell enough tickets to breakeven, let alone generate a profit to ensure you can hold your fair again in the future.

With that said, the first thing you need is a way to gather data so you can analyze appropriate online event metrics and quickly make decisions that could impact ticket sales and the success of your fair. A robust fair ticketing platform, like AttendStar, will give you the tools and integrations needed so you have easy access to that data in real-time.

Once you’ve had an opportunity to choose the right ticketing service for your fair, you need to understand the specific event metrics you should be tracking and why. Following are four primary areas you should be collecting data about and analyzing relevant event metrics on an ongoing basis leading up to your fair.


How many tickets have you sold to your fair? If you’re not selling enough tickets to make a profit or to cover your expenses, you could be in big trouble.

First, you need to know how many tickets you need to sell to reach your goals, and then you need to collect that data and continually monitor it to ensure you stay on track.


How quickly are you selling tickets to your fair? How far in advance are you selling them? If you’re not selling tickets quickly enough or early enough, then you may not be able to pay invoices when they’re due.

For example, vendors, the venue, and performers often require payment before the fair takes place. You need to have the right data to be confident you’ll have the money to pay them when you need it.


Are people actually becoming aware of your fair and showing interest in it? How many people are visiting your ticket sales page and where are they coming from?

You won’t know which of your marketing investments is driving awareness and interest if you don’t know where people learned about your fair.

You need a system in place to track visitors to your ticket sales page from the first day tickets go on sale all the way through to the day of your fair.


After people learn about your fair, are they buying tickets? If not, there could be problems with your ticket sales page that you need to fix to boost conversions.

Alternately, there could be problems with your ads or other marketing tactics that drove non-converting visitors to your ticket sales page. Did the ads promise something that the ticket sales page failed to deliver? Did the ads target the wrong audience?

Use the data you collect about conversions to improve your ticket sales page as well as to find underperforming marketing investments so you can make changes quickly and maximize fair ticket sales.

Key Takeaways about Online Event Metrics and Fair Ticket Sales

Once you’ve put a system in place to collect and analyze online event metrics related to your fair’s ticket sales, you can use the information you learn to make necessary changes to your pricing, promotions, and so on in order to maximize ticket sales and profits.

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