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How to promote your event using social media

In today’s society, technology is used vastly on a daily basis. If someone does not have a computer or smart phone, we refer to them as being in “the dark ages”. Precisely 53% of American adults have a smart phone. Of those, 53% smart phone owners, 44% of them use their smart phone to access the internet on a daily basis. Around the world, there are over 800 million active users on Facebook alone.

Social media is defined as “media for social interaction as a super-set beyond social communication. Enabled by ubiquitously accessible and scalable communication techniques, social media has substantially changed the way organizations, communities, and individuals communicate.”

With the ever growing use of technology on a day to day basis, why would you not use social media to promote your event? Never used social media to promote your event? Here’s how!

Put it on Facebook

There are so many things you can do on Facebook to promote your event. You can create a custom page for your event or post information about the event to you pre-existing Facebook page.

Friend request those who attended your event and leave them comments on their wall, comment on their photos, or “like” material on their page. In short, interact with the people who have already told you that they like your event! That way, you won’t just be another post on their feed.

When making updated on Facebook about your event, you also have the option of tagging others in your posts by using the @ symbol and then typing the name on their Facebook page. Then, that photo will post on that person’s wall for all of their friends to see!

Blog about it

Blog about your event before, during, and after. Keep your audience engaged and wanting more with each post.

Blogging about your event prior allows people to learn more about your event while getting them excited. Blogging during your event creates buzz and excitement about the vent for those who were not able to attend and provide them a preview of what they missed. Hopefully, they will look out for your next event! Blogging after gives a summary of your event and also sets the stage for announcing your next event! It’s also a great way to receive feedback on your event from comments from your attendees, that way you know what you can do better and what worked!

Tweet about it

Tweeting about your event is one of the best ways to update attendees and potential attendees on pertinent information about your event, fun facts, or updates. Just like blogging, it is important to tweet about your event before, during, and after.

Don’t forget to use hash tags when tweeting! Hash tags are a way for you to track tweets and mentions about your event. Ask all those who are going to tweet about your event to use the same phrase with the hash tag. Example: #attendstar

Post pictures

Posting pictures is a great way to show your potential customers how fun your event will be or was! On many sites, such as Flickr and Facebook, you can tag people in the photos you post.

Tagging people on Facebook allows your photos to reach a larger audience. When you tag a picture on Facebook, it appears on the individual’s wall. Anyone who is friends with that person can see the photo. Posting pictures to Twitpic allows anyone following your on Twitter to see your tweet and the link to the photo.

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