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How to Promote Your Next Event Online

A way to make your event known to as many people as possible is by posting it online. It is an easier and more efficient way of reaching out to people and it has a better impact on them. There are many sites that you can post your event or you can even create your own website. This can be so much work especially if your event is listed on so many sites. Each of the sites needs to be up to date so that the visitors or those planning to attend can know of the progress. Some of the ways to promote the event are discussed;

  1. Blogs. Blogging before and after an event will let people know about an upcoming event and what they missed so that they can look forward to your next event. Blogging can also be done live, and this will create excitement and more people will either attend or plan to attend your next event. 
  1. Flickr. Tagging people with photos taken of your event gets them interested and this will likely spill over to their own friends and followers on other social media networks. If they like what they see, they might just decide to look up your following concert and attend. 
  1. Facebook. People can be tagged with photos on Facebook. The advantage of this is that the event photo will appear on their wall and their friends will be able to know about the event. You can also create a page about the event and invite your friends to like the page. You can request your friends to invite their friends to like the page. On this page, you can post about details about the event. 
  1. Twitter. Twitter is another social platform that you can use to let people know about your event. Tweeting about the event makes the event known to the people that follow you. Pictures of the event can also be posted via Twitpic, and you can tweet as frequently as you want to update your followers about a specific event. Using hash tags on twitter will help you keep track of all the comments made about the event. 
  1. Live streaming. This is an interactive way on broadcasting your event because people need not be at the event so that they can know what is happening. It is a good method as it reaches out to people that may be far from where the event is taking place.

Promoting your event online is easy and very manageable as you can keep track of your progress almost instantly. With a sound strategy and involvement on social media platforms, your event will soon become very popular and this will increase the amount of visitors attending future concerts or events.

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