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How to Sell More Event Tickets with Abandoned Cart Email Marketing

What happens to people who visit your event’s ticket sales page, put tickets in their shopping carts, but leave without completing their transactions? Their behaviors show that they were very interested in your event, but something stopped them from taking the final steps to buy. Don’t let them get away! Instead, re-engage them using abandoned cart email marketing.

What is Abandoned Cart Email Marketing?

Have you ever visited an ecommerce website, put some items in your online shopping cart, and then left the site without buying? If so, you may have received an email message from the online store shortly after you left the site that said something like:

  • Did you forget something?
  • Your items are waiting in your shopping cart.
  • Don’t worry, we saved the items in your shopping cart for you.
  • Here’s 10% off the items in your shopping cart.

These are abandoned cart messages which are sent to remind you there is still something in your online shopping cart. They’re typically sent automatically to anyone who leaves items in their shopping carts for the sole purpose of convincing people who almost made a purchase to complete their transactions.

How to Use Abandoned Cart Email Marketing for Re-engagement

Abandoned cart email marketing is a type of re-engagement marketing strategy targeted to people who have shown interest in a company’s products or services. In fact, they’re so interested that they took the time to put items in their shopping carts.

For event marketing, the purpose of abandoned cart email marketing is to re-engage people who have shown interest in buying tickets because they put tickets in their shopping carts on your ticket sales page. The key to success is creating email messages that make the event seem irresistible and tap into each recipient’s fear of missing out.


It’s important that abandoned cart email messages go out quickly after a potential ticket buyer leaves tickets in their online shopping cart. Research shows sending a message within an hour after the abandonment typically works best, and sending follow up messages one day later and three days later can drive even better results.


If you decide to send a series of abandoned cart messages, you can test whether or not including a discount or other incentives in the message increases conversions. Testing is an important part of abandoned cart re-engagement, so you can learn what’s keeping people from completing their transactions (e.g., price, payment options, cumbersome payment navigation, etc.). Then, you can send messages that alleviate those concerns and remove any roadblocks.


Ideally, abandoned cart email marketing should be automated. It’s a type of drip email marketing where a person’s behavior triggers an email message to go out to that person. In this case, putting items in an online shopping cart and leaving the website without completing the transaction and buying is the trigger.

Automation will save you a significant amount of time, so make sure you’re using a ticketing platform that integrates email marketing automation features, like AttendStar! When you sell tickets using the AttendStar ticketing software, you’ll have access to email marketing automation features, so it’s easy to set up an abandoned cart email campaign and let it run automatically.

Get Started with Abandoned Cart Email Marketing to Promote Your Events

Abandoned cart email marketing should be part of your event marketing plan so people who have shown interest in your event take the final step to buy tickets.

It’s easy to set up this type of email campaign using the re-engagement features in AttendStar. Contact us using the contact form or by calling 615-223-1973 to learn how you can use AttendStar to sell more tickets.