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How to use social proof to sell more tickets

How to Use Social Proof to Sell More Tickets

One of the best ways to sell more tickets for your event is to elicit consumers’ emotional responses through your marketing messages and experiences. This includes the messages and experiences on your event’s ticket sales page. 

A powerful emotion that research proves directly motivates people to buy is fear of missing out (FOMO). In fact, social media has exacerbated the influence of FOMO, and recent research found that 69% of Millennials experience it. 

Putting that data into the context of event ticket sales, it’s likely that approximately seven out of 10 people can be motivated to buy tickets to your event if you evoke their fear of missing out when they visit your online ticket sales page.

Let’s take a closer look at what this means and how you can do it.

How FOMO, Loss Aversion, and Influence Affect Ticket Sales

The power of FOMO in marketing and sales is rooted in the scientific principles of cognitive psychology and decision theory. 

FOMO is a fear that a person feels when they think they could miss out on something

That “something” could be an event, a great deal, or anything else that is only available for a limited time before it’s gone (or that a person perceives will be gone after a specified period of time). Marketing messages that create a sense of scarcity, urgency, and exclusivity are extremely effective at evoking FOMO emotions.

A basic psychological principle called loss aversion explains the reason why people experience FOMO. The principle of loss aversion was originally identified in a paper published by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky in 1979, and it plays a strong role in affecting buying decisions.

Loss aversion theory is the reason why the pain of losing is twice as powerful as the pleasure of winning in terms of affecting people’s behaviors and decisions

Both FOMO and loss aversion can be triggered by influencing forces, such as informational influence. 

Social proof is an example of informational influence that affects how people behave and make decisions when they’re faced with ambiguous situations – such as whether or not to buy tickets to an event. 

In these ambiguous situations, people look to others to get information and cues (i.e., social proof) that help them decide how to behave or what decision to make. Based on the information gathered, a person is more likely to comply with others. 

Therefore, when you can provide social proof directly on your online ticket sales page that shows other people are purchasing tickets to your event, more visitors to the page – who are still unsure about buying – will see the social proof and be influenced to make a purchase. 

As a result, ticket sales increase!

The Easiest Way to Automatically Add FOMO and Social Proof to Your Ticket Sales Page is a cloud-based social proof marketing automation solution that increases trust and conversion rates by displaying recent customer activity to website visitors. When you sell event tickets through AttendStar and activate the FOMO integration, recent customer ticket purchases will automatically display directly on your ticket sales page.

Specifically, a social proof pop-up notification will appear on screen during people’s visits to your ticket sales page that displays messages about others who have already purchased tickets. Importantly, these notifications can’t be faked, so visitors can trust them.

Adding FOMO to your ticket sales page is completely free for AttendStar’s ticket sellers. Just tell the AttendStar team you want to turn on FOMO, and we’ll work with you to configure the FOMO notifications for you. It’s that easy!

Key Takeaways about Using FOMO to Sell More Tickets and Boost Social Proof for Your Event

Eliciting the fear of missing out among people who visit your event’s ticket sales page can increase ticket sales. There is no easier way to do it than to sell tickets using AttendStar and adding the free FOMO notification feature. 

The live notifications displayed on your event’s ticket sales page show potential attendees that people are actually buying tickets. It’s powerful social proof that provides the specific information and cues people need to buy tickets right now. 

Ready to get started? Contact us at 615-223-1973 or schedule a demo to learn how you can boost ticket sales and social proof by selling your event tickets through the AttendStar ticketing platform.