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New for Stripe and

New for Stripe and, we have two new features and these are aimed at those of you that use Stripe or On the Ticket Sales Report, you can now specify a time zone for your reports. Stripe uses UTC time and sometimes it is hard to reconcile your deposits with Stripe and our Ticket Sales Report.

You can also use this when trying to balance your transactions in your own time zone to our Ticket Sales Report.

Next, you will find the detail for your transactions on the receipt you get from This is handy when looking for a particular ticket type where you need to send something to the ticket buyer. For example, now in your email system, you can set-up a search for “Commanders Club.” Then, whenever someone buys one of those ticket types, you can be notified by alert message, email or even text message. Below is a sample where you find the ticket purchase details.

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