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New Payment Gateway – Say Hi to Stripe

Yesterday we rolled out a new payment gateway to select clients. It’s called Stripe and it works very similar to our current WEPAY gateway. The charges are just 2.9% plus .30 per transaction. Remember, a transaction is an order – so, someone orders 4 tickets it’s still 2.9% and .30 total.

What’s new about Stripe?

Stripe has been integrated into hundreds of existing websites and has millions of users. Additionally, you may save your payment details with Stripe and use them on any other site that uses Stripe. And, just like ALL the other payment forms we accept, we do not store your credit card details–we leave that to people with more experience and staff than we have. (We knew you would like that!)

Stripe opens up our services to over 100 currencies around the world. Right now, we have clients in five countries, and this allows them to accept payments in their native currency.

Stripe also integrates with our new family of iOS and Android applications currently in development. Those applications will allow you to use your phone to buy tickets online or at the door of our events. Plus, this allows ticket-less entry into the events we ticket using NFC and other technologies.

Stripe is integrated seamlessly into your Attendstar event manager allowing you instant sign-up with no paperwork, no application and no sign-up or monthly fees. You only pay when you accept a credit card. Best of all, after the first seven-day payment period, payments are made direct into your bank account in just two days.

We hope you enjoy using Stripe!

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