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New Ticket Discount Report

New feature alert! Our new Ticket Discount Report was made possible by our client, Krystal, from Naval Air Station Kingsville and our own engineer, Rob.

While it’s not a fancy report, it sure tells a story and it’s valuable! Many thanks to our client for asking for the report, and a very special thanks to Rob for doing this in less than one day after the client asked for it!!!

That’s why we love our clients here at AttendStar–because they ask for things and make us think about finding ways to deliver better software with more features that drive sales.

Ticket Discount Report

Here is an example of the Ticket Discount Report. As you can see, each discount code is listed under the individual ticket types. Then, in line with the specific code, the report lists the total number of uses and the discount total. Lastly, there are grand totals located an the bottom of the report showing cumulative total of code uses and total amount saved. 

You can find this at the bottom of the page on the Ticket Sales Report page, which is located under the REPORTS menu item.

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