Printed Concert & Event Tickets

Low Cost Printed Concert & Event Tickets

We sell thermal printed concert and event tickets with no minimum purchase. You only pay $0.10 per ticket, plus the cost of shipping. Our tickets are 2" tall x 5.5" long, including a 1.5" perforated tear-off stub. Each ticket is numbered both on the main portion and stub of the ticket on the backside for easy tracking. These numbers can not be changed or customized, as our stock comes with these numbers already printed on them. Our ticket stock comes in two colors - red and blue - which can be used to differentiate between ticket types.



Tickets are thermal printed, meaning black and white only. We do the best we can to include logos and images that you provide, but please note that photos typically are not able to be used. Though our turnaround time is generally quick, we can not accommodate rush/overnight orders. Please allow up to 3 business days for your ticket order to be fulfilled, from your order submission to completion/shipment.