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Promotion Tip #10 – Email Collection

Building an email list is likely the most sought-after goal on the internet. As I was studying for this post, the items I seemed to run into the most were the following:

  1. Test lots of different ways to collect emails.
  2. What you like, in terms of what kind of form is used and the placement of the form, does not matter. Results matter.
  3. Keep it simple and don’t ask for lots if information. Start by just getting the email address and grow from there.

That’s it! Those three things are the key. Let’s look at each one…


You wouldn’t think that testing would be very important, but from what I’ve learned, it is! And I mean testing not only the form itself, but also where it is on the webpage and the colors it uses. There seems to be a huge difference in results when the form is located in multiple places on your site – top right, center and bottom.

I found a great source that lets me test without much work at all.  It’s called SumoMe and you can test different forms and ideas really quickly!

Form type and placement – does not matter (to you).

We have all been to websites that have pop-ups and little forms that slide in from different places. I can hear you saying “I hate those”–but they work! Remember, your website is not about you. It’s about your visitor and what you want them to do. The single most important thing to do is get that email address to share the message.

The form should be “in your face” and everywhere.

Keep it simple.

Only ask for an email address. Don’t ask any other questions…at first. Wait until you provide some value to your new subscriber before you ask for more information. The more information you ask for without providing value to your subscriber, the less likely they are to sign up.


Here’s a bonus item that you will not believe… Email is still king. It’s not social marketing, as you might believe, so don’t buy into that. I’m not saying that the social platform is not to be part of your marketing mix, but it’s not the #1 thing to focus on.  For example, one of our sites ( has about 108,000 fans. Pretty good, you might say, but I can do more with 21,000 email addresses than I can with 108,000 fans.

That’s right–email is 5 times better than social media when it comes to getting results, meaning people to buy tickets.

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