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Tiered ticketing is a strategy in which an event manager offers discounts based on when the buyer purchases a ticket. For example, let’s say a month before the event, General Admission tickets are $15, the price then is increased to $20 two weeks before the event, and finally, $25 the day of the event.

This provides incentive for ticket buyers to buy early by giving them a discount.

The goal is to get people to buy early.

Why? Because people are more likely to share the ticket purchase with others when they ALREADY have a ticket.

In addition to making your event more “social,” you also don’t stress (as much) the two weeks before the event!

At AttendStar, our tiered ticketing can be built and configured so that it’s completely automatic!

A good rule of thumb is you should ALWAYS provide incentive to buy early. Tiered ticketing accomplishes that.