Promotion Tip #5 – Ticket Buyer Buzz!

We spend most of our time looking for ways to sell more tickets. Why not encourage our current ticket buyers to help spread the word? After all, they are our biggest fans.

At AttendStar we call this “Ticket Buyer Buzz” because this feature/benefit sends automated emails to your existing ticket buyers. Even if you sell tickets with someone else, the concept is the same.

Send CURRENT ticket buyers a few emails (1 email every 10 days) that share something about the event–a video, some music, an interesting article on the artist, etc. Don’t forget to have all those social “Share” buttons in the email.

We ticket and help promote over 1,200 events per year, and all the successful ones have one thing in common; they use MULTIPLE methods to promote.

To learn more on Ticket Buyer Buzz including how to set it up, click here.