Remind Me

Remind Me

Remind Me is an automated email marketing feature included in the AttendStar platform that makes it easy to keep your event top-of-mind among people who aren’t sure if they want to buy tickets.

Remind Me was built in response to basic consumer behavior. Most people don’t buy event tickets the first time they hear about it or visit the ticket sales page. With Remind Me, you have a way to keep in touch with the people who visit your ticket sales page anywhere from 30 to 90 days before your event but aren’t ready to buy tickets yet. Once you set up Remind Me, you can communicate with them automatically via email every 10 days leading up to your event.

Here’s how it works:remind me

  1. You include a Remind Me subscribe button on your ticket sales page where visitors can enter their email addresses to be reminded about the event.
  2. AttendStar automatically sends an email message to subscribers every 10 days leading up to your event.
  3. Each email includes one link that you choose which leads to information about the performer, the event activities, or anything else you think will help prospective attendees click the Buy button and purchase tickets.
  4. You choose all of the links for your messages in advance, enter them into the AttendStar platform one time, and you’re done. AttendStar takes care of the rest for you!

The goal of Remind Me is to send a link in every email message that piques recipients’ emotions, particularly their fear of missing out (FOMO)! Choose links that lead to irresistible content, images, and videos that will motivate them to buy tickets immediately.

Here’s the Scientific Proof that Remind Me Works

Research shows most people don’t buy tickets to an event right away. Instead, they’ll start to gather information so they can make a decision about whether they’ll use their hard-earned money and invest their valuable time to attend your event.

This type of consumer behavior isn’t unusual. In fact, neuroscientist researchers Schmidt and Eisend (2015) discovered in an experimental setting that “maximum attitude” is reached after a person has been exposed to an ad or message 10 times. In a real world situation, it could take even more exposures until a person reaches the optimum level.

That means repeated exposure is necessary to get the optimal consumer response. In other words, you need to show people information about your event repeatedly to convince most of them to buy tickets.

The link between repetition and consumer behavior isn’t a new discovery. Marketers have followed best practices related to effective frequency for a very long time with the Rule of 7 being a particularly popular method of leveraging repetition to increase purchases. The Rule of 7 was developed in the 1930s and says that prospective customers need to hear or see a message a minimum of seven times before they’ll take action. Take a lesson from professional marketers and let the Rule of 7 work for your event using Remind Me!

How to Use Remind Me to Turn Visitors into Ticket Buyers

Again, the majority of people won’t buy tickets to your event the first time they hear about it or visit your ticket sales page. Therefore, it’s essential that you include the 20 critical features of an effective ticket sales page and continually remind people about your event. Use AttendStar’s Remind Me feature to do it!

The image below shows you what the Remind Me set up screen looks like in the AttendStar platform. You simply enable the Remind Me feature, paste your links into the provided fields, and you’re done.

Remind Me Setup

Make sure you choose links that build excitement for your event. Behind the scenes videos, sneak peaks, interviews with performers, news about performers, newly released music or material from the performers, and videos from previous events (if you hold your event annually or more often) work extremely well to tap into the fear of missing out. Other emotions you can target with your links are the desire to be trendy or cool, the desire to be part of a group, and the desire to get a good deal and sufficient value in return for money spent.

You can create this content yourself or link to content on other websites. As long as the content is relevant and meaningful to potential ticket buyers, it will do its job of reminding people about your event in a positive way.

The links included in Remind Me messages should never be self-promotional. Keep in mind, purchase decisions are most often impacted by stories and memories. Use these links to create a story about what it’s like to attend your event rather than directly promoting it, and keep weaving that story through each of your Remind Me messages to generate the repetition consumers need before they’ll take action.

Recipients will receive your messages every 10 days leading up to your event. The image below shows what a Remind Me message might look like in a recipient’s email inbox.

remind me email

Based on the scientific research we have available and experiences from the thousands of events AttendStar has ticketed over the years, we can say with confidence that Remind Me works. Make sure you set up your Remind Me links when you set up your ticket sales page because repetition matters! The sooner you set up Remind Me, the sooner your messages will start to go out every 10 days.

Start Selling Tickets and Using Remind Me to Improve Your Event’s Success

If you’re ready to start selling tickets to your event and want to use the many promotional features that AttendStar offers to all of its clients (including Remind Me), call Gary at AttendStar at 615-223-1973 or use the contact form. We can help you with your offline and online ticketing, event marketing, artist development, and more.