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Social Discounts: The Modern Street Team

AttendStar is INCREDIBLY THRILLED to bring you one of our newest and most unique features, SOCIAL DISCOUNTS! Now, event managers can sell more tickets to their events without any extra effort, their ticket buyers do all the work for them!

We’ve all heard the benefits of social media marketing by now; how it created consumer engagement and therefore an attachment to your product, increases speed of feedback and results, its low cost and the ability to brand your product even more. Now what if you could not only prosper from a marketing perspective through social media, but tangibly augment revenue through it as well WHILE reducing your overall marketing budget?

Enter Social Discounts.
A Social Discount encourages ticket buyers to share an event’s ticket sales page on Facebook and/or Twitter. In return, that ticket buyer will receive a discount on their ticket purchase. The discount will be automatically applied after the event is shared and the ticket buyer finishes their purchase like normal!

Now, instead of an event reaching only a select number of people through traditional means, the event has the potential to reach thousands. The average Facebook user has 135 friends and there’s a good change many of the ticket buyer’s friends and followers have similar tastes and would be interested in the event as well. Additionally, the event gains credibility since it is being recommended straight from a (hopefully) trusted source. Let’s face it, you’re more likely to go to a mechanic referred to you by a friends than one you find through Google.

One of the best parts is, the event manager enables the Social Discount and then writes the message that the ticket buyer will share. Each ticket buyer has their own unique referrer link, enabling AttendStar to generate a detailed report about the history of the messages and the effectiveness of each social network.

So login to your AttendStar account or create one here and get your ticket buyers to do your promotional legwork for you!

To learn more about how to use Social Discounts and other AttendStar features, check out our Support Center.

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