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Supercharge your Event Marketing Campaigns with Integration

We are thrilled to unveil this integration with By combining the capabilities of AttendStar’s proven ticket platform and innovative ticketing strategies with and its email marketing and SMS campaign platform, we are excited for our clients to leverage another powerful tool to engage with their attendees and boost their event’s success.

Phillip Wilhelm, Sr. Director of Marketing at AttendStar

With this new integration, AttendStar’s clients can choose to utilize Hive’s email marketing and SMS campaign platform and enjoy a streamlined process of seamlessly pushing their attendee data from AttendStar to in real-time. This will enable event managers to create curated data collections on their ticket buyers, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns and increased event engagement. 

Hive’s integration with AttendStar offers a range of exciting features and benefits, including:

  • EMAIL & SMS MARKETING: Event managers can now leverage Hive’s robust, user-friendly email and SMS marketing tools to engage their fans at crucial moments. From sending event updates, promotions, or exclusive offers, you’ll be able to harness the power of targeted communication to drive ticket sales and enhance event experiences.
  • TICKETING DATA INTEGRATION: The integration will automatically sync all ticket buyer data directly into Hive. This seamless process ensures event managers access to the latest information on their ticket buyers within the Hive platform across all ticketed events they have with AttendStar’s Ticketing Platform, enabling them to make informed marketing decisions.
  • AUTOMATION: AttendStar and Hive’s integration enables event managers to automate their email and SMS campaigns to engage attendees based on unique customer journeys. Deliver targeted content to maximize event engagement with personalized welcome messages, timely reminders, and post-event follow-ups.
  • DELIVERABILITY: Built-in features automatically optimize deliverability for you, so your emails land in inboxes while optimizing open rates and list health.
  • CRM DATA MANAGEMENT: With hundreds of available filters to create endless segments, event managers can take their data within the Hive platform to create custom audiences, buyer cohorts, personalize marketing campaigns, and engage fans throughout the entire event lifecycle.

Already UsING ?

Switch your ticketing to AttendStar without losing your data !

If you already work with a different ticketing company and use, you can keep your Hive account and switch to AttendStar as your ticketing partner without losing your data while gaining more capabilities for less!  The best part is utilizing AttendStar will enable you to do a better job with your event marketing, ticket sales, ticket buyer service, logistical support, onsite event connectivity, and so much more.

Get even better results from AttendStar’s expert team.

Leverage the technical and event marketing expertise of the AttendStar team to bring the features of the Hive integration to life so you get the best possible results.

  • EVENT SUCCESS MANAGER: Assigned to you and your event to support your ticketing goals.
  • EVENT MARKETING TEAM: Supports or manages your promotional efforts, tracking, remarketing, and more.
  • EVENT LOGISTICS TEAM: Works with you remotely or onsite to ensure problem-free traffic, parking, and connectivity.

The integration represents AttendStar’s commitment to providing its clients with the most innovative and effective event marketing tools to maximize event profits. By combining the strengths of AttendStar’s Ticketing Platform with Hive’s email marketing and SMS campaign platform, clients can expect improved ticket sales, enhanced event experiences, and increased fan engagement.