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5 Ways to Get Ticket Buyers to Engage Before Your Event

ticket buyers engagement

One of the most effective ways to increase ticket sales for your events is to engage ticket buyers in the days and weeks leading up to the event. There are a couple of reasons why engaging with people who have already purchased tickets can help you sell even more tickets. First, when ticket buyers become […]

10 Killer Facebook Marketing Ideas for Your Next Event

Every day 1.18 billion people use Facebook, and 85% of those people are in the United States. That means the people who might buy tickets to your event are more than likely using Facebook. If they’re not logging into Facebook on a daily basis, they’re certainly logging in on a monthly basis. In total, 1.79 […]

10 Event Marketing Opportunities You’re Missing that Cost You Ticket Sales

Creating an event marketing plan can be overwhelming. After all, if you don’t spread the word about your event, you’ll have no chance of selling tickets. Marketing matters – a lot! Don’t worry because I’m giving you a heads up on 10 of the often overlooked event marketing opportunities that can drive ticket sales for […]