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ticketing that changes everything

Things You Never Knew a Ticketing Company Would or Could Do – Part 1

Recently the AttendStar sales team traveled to the 2022 IAFE convention. We recapped some distinct discussions brought forth in the workshop that we held. The turnout was great, the discussions were insightful, and the feedback we received was reaffirming, “Thank you for not doing another software demo!”

We get it, most event managers “go bananas” during the months, weeks, and days leading up to their events. With limited staff and even less available time, it’s nearly impossible to get everything done let alone focus on maximizing ticket sales.

What if your ticketing company helped you with marketing, logistics, volunteer training, customer service, and more in addition to handling ticket sales? And what if all the added services and capabilities didn’t cost you any extra, especially to get a full team backing your event in key areas?

Would you believe me if I said that such a partner exists?

Fortunately, that’s where we’ve cornered the market by providing exceptional service with one of the most competitive fee structures around. Rest assured, you can get that help and so much more when you choose AttendStar as your ticketing company!

In most cases, we’ve seen event managers swap one ticket company for another and barely notice a difference. They might get a fancy dashboard interface but no real added value that makes your life easier as an event manager or event promoter. You’re still expected to deliver and implement all the pieces. Ironic huh? 

This is where we stand out. When you work with AttendStar, you get an entire team, and by “team,” we mean real people working on behalf of your event, not on software.

Let me explain by touching on some areas that matter to you…

As a former event promoter, I built AttendStar offering everything that I needed when I was promoting events. I experienced the same frustrations and limitations of time and energy to get through it all!

As a seasoned software engineer (in my earlier days) I was aware that software can only do so much. Ultimately, ensuring an event was successful relied heavily on the middle ground between software, operations, and promotions. Having worked well over 10,000 events I can attest firsthand that the synergy between event promotions with the ticket buyers’ experiences (day-of, and during the event) is paramount!

With that said, let’s dive into some of the areas we help our clients with and the things we do that no other ticketing company can deliver on.

Ticketing that Changes Everything

Any company can sell tickets, and many companies can build ticketing software filled with features that sound great. The blending of functionality and utility becomes the first hurdle. Do you need to be a web developer to properly implement, set up, and launch your online ticketing pages? Do you have to adopt a complicated process with the ticket-buying experience and learn the technical requirements of the software to properly execute? And do you need to pay extra to have a success manager help you partially implement all the “fancy” features? 

The reality check starts to set in, and you start to ask yourself…

  • Do I really need to use all of those features?
  • Which features will actually help you make your event more successful?
  • Do you have the time or staff to effectively use all of those features?

As you undoubtedly know, most event managers don’t have time to leverage long lists of features nor do they need to use all of them while also learning how to fully leverage the software on top of running a successful event!

Though the AttendStar ticketing platform is packed with the standard capabilities, we’ve also bundled into our system a streamlined suite of utilities that our entire operations team uses daily.

We take a very different approach – not leaving you to figure out how to use all the features and functionality, but rather, we bring on a team as part of the package to help partner with you to hold a successful event. That’s the fundamental difference between AttendStar and other ticketing companies.

When you choose AttendStar to ticket your event, you get access to a ticketing software filled with features as well as direct access to the AttendStar team who will help you use it. Don’t worry about figuring out which software features to use or how to use them because the AttendStar team does it all for you and has decades of experience that we leverage to improve and optimize with every event partner. We are an agile event ticket company. The team you’ll work with includes:

  • Event Specialist
  • Client Success Manager
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Graphic Designers
  • Software/Hardware Engineers

All of these experts are available to you through your single point-of-contact, your Client Success Manager, who will help you with the AttendStar software, solve problems, and more. Your team of marketing coordinators and graphic designers will help you create your event website, ticketing sales page, ticket designs, category banners, and many other promotional assets.

But that’s not all! The AttendStar team can come to your location to train you (or whomever you want) on how to use our ticket scanners and POS, so you can then train your volunteers. We help your volunteers be happy and ensure event entry is smooth by removing manual processes that aren’t needed.

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Take the Next Step and Stop Going Bananas

I could go on and on about the ways the AttendStar team works with you to ensure you don’t go bananas before, during, and after your event, but you’d be reading for hours. Instead, contact us and we’ll assess your needs and give you a demo that’s tailored specifically to your event!