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Ticket Sales Page Visitor Capture

We have always know for a FACT that 2 – 5 times more people visit your ticket sales page than actually buy tickets.

With our new Ticket Sales Page Visitor capture banner we are looking for ways to invite your prospects back to actually BUY.  We first went after this concept with REMIND ME and now we are getting more aggressive about this.

This banner can also be customized for your event in addition to the “Standard” banners we are testing.  Below is what a banner looks like for our air show ticketing clients.

As you can see it lies just under the place where all your tickets are listed and right before the event details section.  What we do is create a compelling offer (hopefully) to capture the email.  Then we will send an email later to reconnect with YOUR prospect to buy a ticket.

The reason we do this kind of work is because we know that the last 20% of your ticket sales are the hardest to sell.  We have always believed that 50% of your effort is in that last 20%.

If you have ideas on this idea, please call me at 615-223-1973 and lets talk.

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