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Top 3 Online Advertising Options to Promote Your Events

Paid online advertising is an effective marketing investment to promote your events and sell more tickets. The challenge for many event organizers is figuring out where to advertise online and which networks to use. The key to successfully using online advertising to promote your events is to stay focused on your audience and goals as well as the types of online advertising you invest in.

Most event organizers don’t have the time, budget, or staff to invest in every type of online advertising available to them, and the truth is you shouldn’t. A focused advertising strategy and ad spend will always deliver the best results. With that said, following are three online advertising options to promote your events that should be your focus. Why? Because they’ve been proven to work when it comes to selling more tickets.

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads work for event promotion whether your event will be held online or offline. The reason is simple – the vast majority of people use Facebook and many of them log into Facebook one or more times per day. Events are social and Facebook is social. It just makes sense to put your event ads in front of people in a place where you know they spend time and are already feeling social.

Facebook advertising is an affordable way to raise awareness of your event among a highly targeted audience. You can promote special discounts, contests, ticket packages, and more through Facebook ads and target them to be displayed to people whose demographic profiles and interests match your event.

Follow the link to learn more about Facebook ads.

2. PPC Ads

Paid search advertising through Google AdWords, AdRoll, and other pay-per-click (PPC) ad networks can help you put your event ads in front of targeted audiences both on search engine results pages and on other sites across the web. For example, ads published through Google AdWords can be displayed on relevant Google search results pages and on websites that display ads from Google AdWords advertisers.

With PPC advertising, you only pay if someone clicks on your ads, so the trick is to bid on highly targeted keywords that your audience would use when searching for an event like yours. The other key to successful PPC advertising is to make sure your ads lead people who click on them to an amazing ticket sales page so they can’t resist buying tickets to your event.

Follow the link to learn more about PPC advertising.

3. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads have proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase ticket sales for events. With retargeting, your ads are shown to people who have already visited your event website or ticket sales page as they surf across the web. For example, let’s assume you’ve invested in Google AdWords ads to promote your event. With retargeting, if someone visited your ticket sales page and then visited other sites that display Google AdWords ads, your ads could be shown to them, which reminds them about your event.

Since 80% of event ticket buyers don’t buy tickets the first time they land on the event’s ticket sales page, retargeting is an essential part of your event marketing plan. Many ad networks like Google AdWords, AdRoll, and Facebook ads offer retargeting. Make sure your online ticketing platform integrates with these tools so you can effectively track visitors and results. For example, AttendStar integrates with Google AdWords, AdRoll, and Facebook ads to help you improve your advertising results and ticket sales.

Follow the link to learn more about retargeting ads.

Your Next Steps to Promote Your Events with Online Advertising

To maximize your ticket sales, your marketing strategy must include online advertising simply because that’s where the majority of people spend their time, learn about events, and make ticket buying decisions.

Get started with a small budget invested into each of the online advertising options discussed above and start testing targeting criteria, keywords, ad copy, and ad design. As you begin to learn what works best for your events, you can increase your budget and watch your ticket sales climb.

If you need help with your event ticketing and online advertising, contact AttendStar at (615-223-1973) or use the Contact Us Form.