Updates at AttendStar

What's Coming. What's happened.

What's Coming 

  • You will be able to set a default Low Ticket Alert for all your tickets in your account.  These alert you when a ticket type is getting low.
  • Tickets Sold/Left email report will send you a report of sales and seats left every XX minutes starting 24 hours before your event.  Things change fast the 24 hours before your event and this keeps you from having to log in to the software for ticket counts.
  • Ability to accept Apple and Google Pay for our Stripe Clients
  • Ability to refund tickets for Stripe and Authorize.net right inside the Event Manger
  • A mobile-friendly Event Manager is being designed.  Yes, finally.
  • Soon your ticket buyers will be able to have tickets resent to them with a phone number or order number. From our Ticket Support page.
  • In December AttendStar will run ads in Airshow Magazine and the International Association of Fairs and Expositions, plus attending and exhibiting at both conventions which are virtual this year.
  • Sending a Post-Event Survey has always been "pre-checked".  That will be set to "unchecked"
  • We are making some changes to the Campaign Reporting. This will make more important data easier to find on the main page.
  • Have a feature idea? Contact Us
November 2020

November 2020

  • We were reviewing all the domain names we have, took a while since it's over 200 now. That makes sense since we have so many websites and landing pages we manage for our clients.
  • Welcome back Tyler Disch in Fair and Venue Marketing!  The last time we worked together he was focused on air shows.  We have most of them now!
  • New Venue Directory in development (get a free listing)
  • Welcome, Cathy Lopez to our new Quality Assurance position.
  • We started using a tool called Lucky Orange.  This will help us optimize our checkout process and actually see ticket buyer interactions with the website.
  • From the Blog,  Article on renting, and finding Expo Centers.
  • Check out this cool Ticket Sales Page graphic our own Stephanie built for a national client.  Stephanie has been with AttendStar for like 9 years!
October 2020

October 2020

  • Sold out 4 Monster Truck Shows for a national client in a city we cannot name!  Thanks to our Facebook marketing partner Altitude Social Media
  • Improved, We made some speed improvements across the Event Manager on our server at Amazon.  Many thanks to Don our server manager!
  • From the Blog, Clients are looking for racetracks for events so we are adding racetracks to our new Venue Directory.
  • From the Blog, Here are some ideas on what to look for in a venue.
  • New Feature. We have a new post-event survey that you may use on your events.  
September 2020

September 2020

  • We have started building Landing Pages for events.  A great way to have an event website without the cost of a whole website.
  • See how we lowered support calls for a national client with the Monster Truck Hotline
  • New Feature:  Now the ticket buyer does not need to enter their email address so many times to checkout.
  • Feature Update - Our Low Ticket Alert email looks much better
  • From the Blog,  How can we plan when our industry is hurting so much?
August 2020

August 2020

  • From the Blog, Check out this Facebook Marketing article that Susan wrote.  She owns Keysplash Creative and writes all of our latest blog articles.  Did you really think Gary did?
  • New Feature - You can now look up a ticket buyer order by phone number on the Attendees menu.
  • Improved - There is only one Resend link per order now in the Attendee listing.
  • New Feature - When you click on Search at the top, you can now search all your active events with Order ID, Phone, Email, or Name.
  • Moved - You can now add/edit a Marketing Tagline to your tickets right on the main ticket creation page.  Right below ticket status.
  • New Feature - We added the name of the ticket on each tab in the ticket edit/creation process so you do not forget which ticket you are editing.
  • New Feature - Ticket texted to the customer.  The customer can now go to attendstar.com/tickets and get their tickets texted to them.  You can even use it for the customer!  We know, cool.
  • We started using a new project management tool called Asana. This will help us work better with our clients.  Clients can also be a part of this so that we can work together better.
  • Another tool we now use is called Slack, it helps us stay in touch now that our team is spread all over the place.  If you use Slack we can chat now.