The power of FOMO (“fear of missing out”) in marketing and sales is rooted in the scientific principles of cognitive psychology and decision theory.

One of the best ways to sell more tickets for your event is to elicit consumers’ emotional responses through your marketing messages and experiences. This includes the messages and experiences on your event’s ticket sales page.

A powerful emotion that research proves directly motivates people to buy is fear of missing out. In fact, social media has exacerbated the influence of FOMO, and recent research found that 69% of millennials experience it.

DID YOU KNOW?: When you sell event tickets through AttendStar and request to utilize this Social Proof feature, all recent customer ticket purchases will dynamically and automatically display directly on your ticket sales page.


This feature is a great way to encourage ticket sales by displaying the remaining available inventory. You have the flexibility to enable this feature on all or select tickets and set a maximum inventory threshold for when it appears.


We are excited to introduce this new capability, which perfectly complements events with free or general admission ticket types or even parking passes where there is a fixed capacity.

With this feature, our managed marketing services can go above-and-beyond by helping event managers quickly send personalized and targeted messages to ticket buyers to confirm their attendance and reduce no-shows.

HELPFUL TIP: By allowing attendees to confirm their attendance, you can free up additional ticket inventories. This is an excellent way to ensure your event is able to maximize overall attendance while avoiding overselling and “no-shows”.


We have integrated with Protecht Group, a leading provider of cancellation protection and refund protection for events. Now, your attendees can purchase additional coverage to protect them from life’s unexpected surprises.

For a small additional fee your ticket buyers can add this additional upgrade and be approved with no extra steps or paperwork for instantaneous coverage. Best of all Protecht Group takes care of the rest for a hassle-free refund process. Protect and grow your ticket sales by eliminating ticket abandonment for those potential buyers who might still be on-the-fence.


We have made a series of minor enhancements to our ticket scanner that will provide better response messages with additional insights into scans that return invalid tickets. This will allow you to know the reason without having to lift a finger!

Now you’ll see whether the ticket was canceled, refunded, or voided with contextual information right from the palm of your hand.

DID YOU KNOW? All of our devices come with optional 4G connectivity on it’s own dedicated band, meaning while customers can’t connect our devices will work rain or shine!


  • Optimized Checkout Flow
  • Mobile Optimization for Ticket Sales Pages
  • Buy Now, Pay Later with Affirm
  • Apple Pay / Samsung Pay


AttendStar is happy to announce our integration with Affirm to provide a Buy Now, Pay Later option to ticket buyers. Affirm, via Stripe, allows buyers to receive personalized financing options for each transaction. Learn more about this feature at Stripe.



Want to collect specific information from ticket purchasers of certain ticket types? AttendStar allows you to create Custom Attendee Fields to collect data and choose the ticket, or tickets, that the data needs to be collected for. For example, if you are selling a ticket that includes a t-shirt. Create a custom field to ask for t-shirt size when the t-shirt ticket is being purchased, without having to ask ALL ticket buyers for ANY ticket for their t-shirt size.



Need to sell tickets with different prices from the same inventory of tickets? AttendStar allows you to set a Group Inventory and have different ticket types pull from the same inventory.

AN EXAMPLE USE-CASE: When you have 10,000 General Admission tickets but are offering an adult price, a senior price, and a child price with no maximum limit on how many from each you want to sell. Create a Group Inventory of 10,000 and add the various priced tickets as sub-tickets to the Group! Tickets will sell from each price level until you reach 10,000!


This week, one of the biggest updates ever comes to AttendStar.

  • If you need to cancel your event, we can process all refunds with one click.
  • Tickets can now be set to be validated by our ticket scanners only certain days and times!
  • We redesigned the Browse Attendee table so you can see quickly if a ticket was scanned or not.
  • We have updated some of the colors in the Event Manager.


The Client Success Team is pleased to introduce expanded and improved “At Event Support.” When you call your Client Success Manager after their normal business hours on their direct line, your call will be forwarded to a new Priority Client Support Team. If unavailable, our new 24/7 client support line will note the issues you are having, and your message will be sent to all on-call team members. No more wondering who to call about the problem you are having! No more learning a new number and no more “press 2” for support.

  • UPDATE – Attendee Export: Your event’s attendee export will now contain order level fees, such as credit card fees and sales tax. Ticket prices listed will also include discounted ticket prices. This gives you not only attendee information, but a better picture of your sales!

  • NEW  – Reserved Seating Navigation: Ticket buyers will be able to navigate through your reserved seating sections going left and right between each section.

  • NEW – Editing Ticket Buyer Info – Need to update a ticket buyer’s email address, or name on the order? No problem! This can be done under your Manage Attendees page.

  • NEW – Charge Breakdown – After an order is completed, your ticket buyers will see the breakdown of their charges as they do prior to ordering. This will eliminate questions about their charges after they have purchased.

  • UPDATE – Scanned Tickets Report – Ticket scans can now be grouped by the individual scanner username, knowing ticket scans by scanner
  • UPDATE – CHECKOUT BUTTONS: We have added the ability to rename the buttons that take your ticket buyers through the checkout process.

  • UPDATE  – EMAILED SALE REPORTS: Our emailed sales reports have been updated to separate your add-on tickets from your admission tickets – making it easier to monitor your event capacity!

  • NEWS – Sold out our first air show of the year.

  • NEWS – Won the contract for the Smoky Mountain Air Show in September 2022!

  • UPDATE – SCANNED TICKET TYPES – You can now see which specific ticket type you are scanning with our ticket scanners.