Updates at AttendStar

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  • Parent/Child Ticket Inventory - Multiple ticket types can pull from the same inventory! No more monitoring and shuffling inventories across ticket types.


  • Email Marketing - Email marketing for your events through your event manager in AttendStar.


  • Scanned Tickets Report - A facelift to our current scanned tickets report, with multi-day events in mind!
APRIL 2022
  • UPDATE - Attendee Export: Your event's attendee export will now contain order level fees, such as credit card fees and sales tax. Ticket prices listed will also include discounted ticket prices. This gives you not only attendee information, but a better picture of your sales!


  • NEW  - Reserved Seating Navigation: Ticket buyers will be able to navigate through your reserved seating sections going left and right between each section.


  • NEW - Editing Ticket Buyer Info - Need to update a ticket buyer's email address, or name on the order? No problem! This can be done under your Manage Attendees page.


  • NEW - Charge Breakdown - After an order is completed, your ticket buyers will see the breakdown of their charges as they do prior to ordering. This will eliminate questions about their charges after they have purchased.


  • UPDATE - Scanned Tickets Report - Ticket scans can now be grouped by the individual scanner username, knowing ticket scans by scanner
MARCH 2022
  • UPDATE - Checkout buttons: We have added the ability to rename the buttons that take your ticket buyers through the checkout process.


  • UPDATE  - Emailed sales report: Our emailed sales reports have been updated to separate your add-on tickets from your admission tickets - making it easier to monitor your event capacity!


  • NEWS - Sold out our first air show of the year.


  • NEWS - Won the contract for the Smoky Mountain Air Show in September 2022!


  • UPDATE - Scanned Ticket Type - You can now see the which specific ticket type you are scanning with our ticket scanners.