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Who Are We? Event Marketing or Ticketing?

When I started AttendStar in 2009, I knew that plain old ticketing would not be the end result.  In fact, I did not even want the word “ticket” in the name of the company.  Mainly because my background is in event management and promotion.  Hard to admit this, but I did not even like ticketing companies.

Because I knew there was more; more they could do.  It also seemed like they made money if I did or not!

Soon after we started delivering tickets, we started began to create our promotional tools and we have been doing that ever since.  In fact, some say we are either slightly ahead of our time or are more interested in event marketing than ticketing.

To me, event marketing and ticketing are so intertwined I would never do one without the other.  Just sending a ticket and collecting money online was never my end goal and it never will be.

Actually I am way more into event marketing than just the delivery of a ticket.  I know delivery is important, but so is helping you actual sell more tickets.  When we help you sell tickets, we go beyond ticketing and touch the heart of events.

So to address my end goal, we are taking a huge step and adding a whole set of services to help you do better at event marketing.  Most ticketing-only companies will likely avoid this effort because it’s way too easy to send an email with a cool looking bar code on it and say “just scan it.”  It’s also way more profitable for them than doing what we are about to embark on.

This week we start to roll out our event marketing plans.  Right now we have two, and the first one is simply called Event Marketing. The other plan is called Event Marketing Extreme–and extreme it is.  We are about to enter the time I have been looking forward to for five years. Actually, more like 25 years.

Twenty-five or so years ago I was a promoter, and I dreamed of tools and services that would help me do a better job.  Now we get to build those tools.

Check out our new Event Marketing options. And more importantly, let me know your thoughts.

Who are we?  We are a team that understands the relationship between marketing and ticketing.  If you want to share on this subject, add your comments to this article or give me a call at 615-223-1973 or drop me an email at

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