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Why You Need a Professional Parking, Traffic, Shuttle Company

Lasting memories can be the difference between someone re-attending your event or not wanting to ever come back.  In the Event world, creating positive memories means putting on a great show – without letting other “things” ruin the spectator’s experience.

Most shows meet or exceed the expectations of spectators once they actually get inside the Event.   Attention now needs to be focused on creating a seamless experience from ticket purchasing, getting to the Event, parking their car, and eventually leaving.  You want spectators to think about the wonderful things they did and saw while there . . . . not the difficulty finding a parking spot, lines they had to wait in, or the help they didn’t receive.

How Event Parking Impacts Your Ticket Buyers

Parking, traffic, and shuttles are the first and last impression of the Event day.  This experience, while on the “exterior” must match the professional levels of the interior of your Event.  This can be easily accomplished with planning, communication, and assistance from a professional parking, traffic, and shuttle company.

Today when the spectator travels to an Event site, they are directed by multiple agencies:

  • State Police
  • Local Police
  • Security Personnel
  • Parking employees or volunteers

While unknown to the spectator, there must be a smooth transition from one agency’s/ roadways to another (ie: entering the parking lot to loading a shuttle bus and finally entering into the Event).  If one link of this chain is weak or broken, your customer will be stuck in traffic, waiting on long lines, and could potentially miss part or even the entire event!

How Can A Profession Service Help?

A professional parking, traffic, and shuttle company acts as your ONE point of contact to bring all the links in the chain together.  They will take on the responsibility of developing a detailed plan of how the spectators will enter your Event.  This plan is created with input from all agencies and the event director to ensure everyone is on board and all needs are met.  On Event days, the parking company:

  • Ensures optimal communication among all agencies
  • Monitors of the traffic flow along various roadways
  • Has the ability to balance incoming flow rates into various parking lots.  Allowing for the spectator to park the closest to the event in the most efficient manner.
  • If there is a shuttle bus operation, they will work with the shuttle operator to load and unload the shuttles in an organized fashion and maximize their usage.

A qualified professional in the field of parking, traffic, and shuttles will meet and exceed the spectator experience for the exterior of the event.  They do this by making a seamless operation and thus a “non-thought” to the spectator.  No one is talking about traffic and parking unless something has gone wrong.  Parking Professionals are incorporated into the plan to help ensure spectators have nothing to talk about.

Positive memories of past events will bring spectators year after year, and a professional parking company can help put the attention on all the wonderful things that happen inside the gates.

About the Author

Jeffrey Shapiro is a seasoned event professional who owns Solutions Event Services he can be reached at (516) 432-7275