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Artist Development is a Process. In Today’s World, It’s a Data Driven Process.

How Ticketing and Artist Development Work Together

AttendStar isn’t just a ticketing company. We understand the relationship between artist development and ticketing, so we provide the support you need to sell more tickets to your events and build your artist profile at the same time.

No other ticketing company offers the same level of support and data for artist development as AttendStar. In fact, AttendStar offers a comprehensive Artist Development and Live Events Process that is proven to work.

Artist Development Live Events

With the right ticketing company as your partner, you’ll have access to the information you need to:

  • Sell more tickets to your current and future shows
  • Build your artist brand
  • Generate more radio airplay
  • Sell more merchandise
  • Create new fans
  • And more

The Secret is in the Data

AttendStar has spent years analyzing event and artist data, and we’ve built exclusive tools that enable emerging artists to interpret and use that data for promotion and sales. The more shows an artist tickets through AttendStar, the more data can be analyzed to identify trends and opportunities and the bigger the results you’ll see.

Here are some of the ways our clients use this data for artist development:

  • To sell merchandise
  • To build a social media following
  • To promote future projects or shows
  • To identify the right single to push to the radio next
  • To promote specific songs to targeted markets where they’ll perform the best
  • To develop future tour schedules where shows are most likely to sell out

AttendStar also offers a unique feature for artist development that compares an artist’s ticket buyers to the ticket buyers of other events held in the same area. By finding people who purchased tickets to multiple events in addition to the artist’s event, AttendStar can identify more prospective ticket buyers for the developing artist.

Here’s how it worked for one of our clients:

  1. Leading up to a developing artist’s show (we’ll call him Artist A), AttendStar analyzed ticket buyer data and found that Artist A already had 67 ticket buyers. Usually, 200 people attend Artist A’s shows. AttendStar matched those 67 ticket buyers to the attendee lists from other similar shows in the same area.
  2. 45 of the 67 people who bought tickets to Artist A’s show also bought tickets to other events in the area – Artist B’s show and Artist C’s show.
  3. Both Artist B and Artist C typically have about 1,200 people attend their shows. That’s six times higher than the number of people who attend Artist A’s show, which means there are a lot of prospective ticket buyers and new fans out there for Artist A!
  4. AttendStar sent targeted email messages to about 400 of the people who purchased tickets to Artist B’s show and Artist C’s show but had not yet bought tickets to Artist A’s show. The emails included messages that said, “If you liked Artist B, then you’ll love Artist A.” We did the same thing for Artist C.
  5. As a result, more people heard about Artist A’s event which boosted awareness of the artist’s music and increased ticket sales.

This type of creative marketing using AttendStar’s artist development data can make a significant difference not only in an artist’s current ticket sales but also in the artist’s future career.

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