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How to Choose the Right Ticket Scanner App for Your Event

There are several ways to check people into your event at the doors or gate. Gone are the days of having to manually check people’s names off of printed lists. Today, event entry is much more efficient and faster thanks to ticket scanner apps. Choosing the right ticket scanner app for your event is one of the most important decisions you must make as an event organizer.

Why does the right ticket scanner app matter so much? The answer is simple. The wrong choice could mean the difference between being able to scan tickets faster than people can move or unhappy guests who miss the beginning of your event because the entry lines were so slow. Which would you rather your event be remembered for?

To help you choose the right ticket scanner app for your event, review the four critical criteria discussed below that you should consider as you do your research. Not all ticket scanner apps are created equal, so do your due diligence in advance!

1. Match the Process to Your Event and Audience

As mentioned above, there are several ways you can check ticket holders for your event. For example, you could print and tear hard-copy tickets, but that’s the old-fashioned way. Today, ticket scanner apps are faster and more reliable than any manual process.

Your ticket scanner app should allow you to scan barcodes and QR codes directly from iOS or Android mobile devices or using high-speed ticket scanner equipment. If you want to have custom QR codes for your event, look for a ticket scanner app that works with those codes. For example, AttendStar allows you to create custom QR codes for each event that can be used on flyers, posters, programs, and other marketing materials and promotional items.

2. Find a Ticket Scanner App that Offers the Features You Need

One of the most essential features the ticket scanner app you choose must offer is real-time syncing. That means as tickets are scanned at the door or gate, the ticketing system is instantly updated with that information. Real-time syncing reduces the risk of people checking in with duplicate tickets.

Some ticket scanner apps can scan and track multiple types of tickets and parking passes. If your event and audience require these additional features, ensure your ticket scanner app provides them. For example, AttendStar offers ticket and parking pass scanning with real-time syncing, which are must-have features at many events, such as large outdoor air shows, concerts, and festivals. You can see an example of a scannable parking pass from AttendStar in the image below.

3. Consider Your Scanner Equipment

Will each member of your staff who will scan tickets at your event’s various entry points have adequate smartphones or mobile devices to manage the scanning needs of your ticket buyers? You might have to use high-speed scanners to maintain the pace for a large event and keep the lines moving.

In addition, some high-speed scanners can process credit card sales, which could be important to you if you sell tickets at the door or gate. AttendStar provides high-speed scanners with built-in ticket scanning and credit card sales processing features to its ticketing clients at no extra charge (as long as the scanners are returned after the event in the same condition they were loaned in).

4. Understand the Technical Requirements

First, consider the equipment that you’ll need – smartphones and mobile devices or high-speed scanners (or both). Each has its own technical requirements so you can accurately scan tickets from printed e-tickets or directly from ticket buyers’ phone screens.

You also need to ensure adequate Wi-Fi connectivity during the event so your equipment can access the internet, scan tickets accurately, and complete the necessary real-time syncing processes. Make sure you research and test all equipment and connectivity before your event. AttendStar supplies its own internet to its ticketing clients, plus RFID and NFC are ready to go, so you always know you’ll be able to scan tickets without delays.

5. Review the Costs

How much are you willing to spend to keep your entry lines short and moving quickly? Only you can answer that question, but don’t forget how unhappy long lines make people. The last thing you want is for your ticket buyers to complain on social media or other websites about the lines at your event. If you plan to hold a similar event in the future, you can bet those complaints will spread and negatively affect your future ticket sales.

Many ticketing providers charge you to use their ticket scanner apps, and they all require that you purchase or rent your own scanning equipment – except for AttendStar. In fact, AttendStar is the only ticketing company that provides a free ticket scanner app, upgraded scanning technology, and high-speed scanners at no extra charge to event organizers who ticket their events through the AttendStar ticketing platform.

Your Next Steps to Choose a Ticket Scanner App

Ticket scanning is essential to getting a clear picture of the number of attendees at your event and ensuring people don’t enter with counterfeit or duplicate tickets. It also allows you to create custom ticketing packages, such as a VIP ticket that includes a free parking pass. With a ticket scanner app, you can quickly scan both the VIP ticket and the parking pass at the gate to ensure only the people who paid for extras in advance get them.

To help you start your search for the right ticket scanner app for your event, ask each provider the following questions:

  • How many tickets can be scanned per second?
  • What kind of scanners do I need to use with your ticket scanner app?
  • What does the app cost?
  • Do I need any additional equipment to scan tickets with your app and what does it cost?
  • What if the Wi-Fi goes down at my event? How do I scan tickets?
  • How do I avoid duplicate check-ins when using your app? Does the data sync in real-time?
  • Can I scan multiple types of tickets? Can I scan parking passes?
  • Can I create custom QR codes for my event?

If you need help with your event ticketing or ticket scanning, contact Gary at AttendStar at 615-223-1973 or use the contact form to get started right now.