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AttendStar Launches Partner Program with Lucrative Earnings unlike Any in the Event Industry

Interested in generating new revenue? Are you an ad agency looking for more event marketing client referrals? Do you want a way to allow event organizers to offset their marketing costs through ticket fees so they can afford more of your services?

You can do it by joining AttendStar’s Partner Program!

One of AttendStar’s ad agency partners generated $14,000 in additional revenue in just one event through the AttendStar Partner Program!

That could be you, but you have to join the program to take advantage of this new revenue stream and client referral opportunity.

What’s in It for You?

When you join the AttendStar Partner Program, you’ll get a package of benefits based on the partner level you choose.

Your benefits could include:

  • A significant new revenue stream
  • Increased cash flow
  • Increased demand for your existing services
  • Improved results for your clients
  • More referrals in a lucrative niche market
  • New differentiator to gain a competitive advantage
  • Access to new marketing channels through content marketing opportunities via AttendStar’s newsletter with nearly 10,000 subscribers and its popular blog

Here’s How It Works

The AttendStar Partner Program includes three tiers. The tier you choose to sign up for depends on your business and your goals.

Affiliate Level

The Affiliate Level is for anyone who wants to generate revenue by referring events to AttendStar for ticketing.

You earn a 25% commission on each AttendStar event client that you refer for the life of the client. That means you generate recurring revenue for every event that client tickets through AttendStar.

AttendStar directly communicates with and supports the event client for all Affiliate Level referrals.

Reseller Level

The Reseller Level is for advertising and marketing agencies that want to generate revenue by referring events to AttendStar for ticketing but also want to set up their own client accounts in the AttendStar ticketing system and provide all communication and support to the client.

AttendStar provides support to you to help you succeed, but you handle everything on behalf of your client as a Reseller.

You earn a 50% commission on each sale where you take the lead on setting up accounts and offering clients support. For example, in addition to managing their AttendStar platform needs, you might help them produce event graphics, give suggestions on how to sell more tickets, and so on.

Certified Agency Level

The Certified Agency Level is for advertising and marketing agencies that want to create their own pricing above the ticket price (plus the AttendStar fee), keep the added revenue, and sell clients their marketing expertise combined with the AttendStar ticketing platform.

Certified Agencies get exclusive market protection and event marketing client referrals from AttendStar. You also get listed in our Agency Directory as a Certified Agency. We’ll recommend your agency to clients who call us looking for ticketing and/or marketing in your market area.

As a Certified Agency, you get market exclusive rights and all inbound agency referrals from AttendStar. There is only one Certified Agency per market area!

You’ll also receive permission to display the Certified Agency logo on your website, which links to a certification page on the AttendStar website verifying your credential.

You can create your own pricing and determine your own earnings based on ticket sales. Use the added income to offset fees to your clients so they can afford more marketing support from your agency. With the added marketing budget, you can help them sell more tickets, which means more fee revenue for you and a happier client with a more successful event. It’s a win-win situation!

You support the event organizer as a Certified Agency, so there is a single point of contact at all times. You’ll also get special reports that aren’t available to event organizers, Affiliates, or Resellers.

There is a $2,000 fee to sign up as a Certified Agency and start getting client referrals and earning money on ticket sales for your clients, but you’ll make that initial investment back quickly!

You read that correctly! AttendStar is waiving its fee on your first 2,000 tickets. As a Certified Agency, you set the fee to whatever you want and watch your earnings add up.

For example, you could charge just $2.00 per ticket as a fee. If you sell 2,000 tickets, you’ll earn $4,000 or double your sign-up fee!

If you only sell 1,000 tickets on your first event, then you keep the 1,000 tickets in fees for your next event. You don’t lose it!

Your Next Steps

There is no better way to earn additional revenue than to help your clients be successful with their events. You can do it as an AttendStar Partner using the AttendStar ticketing platform, which offers more features, functionality, and tool integrations for marketers than most ticketing systems.

If you want to generate new revenue, make your clients (and your agency) more successful, and get more event marketing client referrals, then you need to join the AttendStar Partner Program now!

This could be a game-changer for you, so don’t delay!

If you have any questions about the program, give me a call at 615-223-1973 or email me directly at I hope to see you in the Partner Program soon. You won’t be disappointed!

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