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Scannable Parking Passes

At AttendStar we’re always looking for new ideas and features to make our online ticketing software better. Many times, those new ideas come directly from our event managers. Our newest feature, scannable parking passes, comes as a request from one of our air show clients. We think it’s a fantastic new feature that will make coordinating parking at your next festival, airshow, or other outdoor event much easier!

What’s a scannable parking pass? Is it just another e-ticket?

Our new scannable parking passes are separate items from the e-tickets our event managers are familiar with. These are customizable parking passes that can be designed with your event’s logo and color scheme. These passes use high visibility, bold designs that make them easy to spot when placed on the dashboard of a vehicle. We wanted them to have a very different look from our e-tickets. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s an example (you can click the image to view it in a larger format):

While we’ve offered parking passes to clients in the past, these new parking passes offer the additional feature of a barcode and unique pass number. This allows them to be validated with a scanner upon entry. No need to worry about someone using the same parking pass on multiple days/vehicles. Once a pass is scanned, it cannot be used for entry again.

Can I use these for my Air Show or Outdoor Festival?

Absolutely! These passes were created especially for large, outdoor events where parking management is a #1 priority. Whether you’re selling VIP parking or hosting a free show with paid parking, these parking passes are an excellent solution for your next event.

Interested in implementing this new feature into your next Airshow or Outdoor festival? Give us a call at 615-223-1973. We’d love to help you!

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