Festival ticketing is what we do. And we save you money by including our services in our ticket fees. For example, if you sell 100% of your tickets online with us, your General Admission ticket fee will be just $3.00 per ticket! Premium seating or reserved seat tickets range from $3.00 to $5.00. If you have a free festival, you may also purchase our services a la carte. Contact us and let’s talk about your festival!

  • Leaders in Festival Event Ticketing Across the United States
  • AttendStar was created to ticket outdoor events. We have ticketed hundreds of outdoor events since 2010, with attendance ranging from a few thousand to over 100,000 people. We know outdoor events. As far as we know, we are the only ticketing company created to ticket outdoor events. See our client list at the bottom of this page.

  • Collect Your Revenue Daily!
  • AttendStar works with over 20 payment systems that allow you to collect your ticket sales revenue directly to your bank account. Why wait for your money?

  • Complete Festival Ticketing, Gate Management & Logistics
  • Our services include complete festival ticketing, customer service, phone systems, gate management, parking, traffic planning, concessions, marketing and all the things people need BEFORE they walk through your entrance!

  • Technology Leaders in Festival Ticketing
  • Upgraded scanning technology allows you to scan tickets on a printed e-ticket, or directly from a ticket buyer’s phone screen. Our scanners also have the ability to accept credit card sales, and they can scan faster than people can--even move! We even supply or own internet plus RFID and NFC is ready to go.

  • Festival Sponsorships Mean Dollars
  • We help your festival sponsors connect with the ticket buyer. Our point of sale system allows your local sponsors to sell tickets without losing valuable ticket buyer information. Our email marketing helps your larger sponsors connect. We can also provide valuable demographic information to help get sponsors for your event.

  • Festival Premium Seating
  • Creating reserved seats for your festival and many other premium seating options can increase your revenue significantly. For premium seating options, sponsorship opportunities, and professional air show management, contact us today!

  • Dedicated Festival Ticketing Phone Support
  • Festival ticketing is completely different from an indoor concert or event. With that in mind, we created a dedicated phone line that rings our festival ticketing support team. That’s how much we love ticketing festivals. We will create a dedicated phone number and phone greeting system for your festival at no charge.

AttendStar did a terrific job for us at the Great Tennessee Air Show in May 2011 featuring the USAF Thunderbirds. Their sales reporting is convenient and easy to understand. Their fees are most reasonable and I like the fact that the sales go directly into our merchant account. Thus we did not have to wait for the cash flow like other ticketing options. It was real time. Their staff was friendly and accommodating, handling any problems with speed and efficiency. We have already committed to them for our next two events. I highly recommend them to anyone in the air show business.
Jim Breen, President & CEO Umbrella Entertainment Group / The Air Show Network

  • Pricing You Will Love
  • Our festival ticketing pricing starts at just $1.99 per ticket for General Admission. Premium Seating costs vary, depending on configuration options. You collect ALL money directly to your bank account.

  • Festival Event Marketing Support
  • We can add your advertising and marketing costs right into our ticket fee! You get an experienced marketing team, working directly with your ticketing provider.

  • Mobile Festival Marketing
  • Marketing your festival via text! Prospects can text FESTIVAL to a special number and receive information. Plus we can notify people of weather and traffic issues. We really understand outdoor events like no one else.

  • Festival Phone Call Management
  • Our phone call management option provides a unique phone number for your festival at no charge. This special number comes complete with an interactive phone menu system, directing calls to the correct contact number. This helps festival questions get to you and ticket questions get to us. Call queue, advanced voicemail and after hours support are also included. An AttendStar exclusive for the festival event manager! A recent festival received 3,239 phone calls in just 3 weeks before the show – that was only for 30,000 in paid attendance! If your festival has 100,000 attendees, then the calls triple!

  • Concessions & Ticketing
  • We can help you raise advance cash by doing concession add-ons with your ticketing. Our concession partnership will provide maximum communication with the concession vendor for attendance planning, in addition to onsite real-time numbers. You sell more food by real-time data sharing using our Operations Dashboard available on your computer or phone!

  • Festival Parking, Traffic and Logistics
  • Our exclusive Event Operations Center will help deliver the data you need for every aspect of your festival needs. Unmatched with what it can provide, we deliver everything from traffic to weather, real-time sales and tickets scanned, to how many cars are in your lots. We are the only ticketing company that provides this kind of service.

  • We Know Weather
  • We closely track weather, monitor lightning and can even tell you how much rain fell (or will fall) over your event. Your insurance claims go smoother and will help you manage any grass lot parking. This, combined with our attendee texting service, could save your event from financial disaster.

No minimums. No out-of-pocket expenses. No contracts. No fine print. No hassle. Really!

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