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Offline Ticket Sales

While every ticketing company knows events are local in nature none has been willing to help you track your sales.

Until now.

AttendStar though it’s novel Activities feature has created  a new Type called Offline Sales.  All you do
is select this new Type and in the Impressions/tickets box enter your current TOTAL Offline Sales number.  We chose to request that you enter you total sales so that there would be no chance sales data would be entered twice.

For example if you enter your first total offline sales number as 23 the next number you will enter could only be equal to or greater than 23.  Having said this we can still calculate your rate of ticket sales that we will call velocity in the future.  We can do this of course by subtracting your previous entry from your current entry.

Our goal with Activities has always been to help you track and measure your efforts.  We believe that successful events have certain activities and time lines in common.  Our goal is to document those in a way that allows you to confidentially compare your results against the results of others.

Offline sales is a key component of that effort.

What you will see over the next few weeks is our Activity Offline Sales, our Event Manager Online Sales and AttendStar Local start to converge into one powerful platform for the marketing and selling of event tickets.

As this effort rolls forward we strongly encourage to use Activities NOW to begin the data collection process.  The data you collect today will create data you can use tomorrow

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