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The AttendStar Venue Directory is coming soon!

We are in the process of building our new venue directory of Fairgrounds, Racetracks, theatres, schools, and other venues and buildings for rent.  This will help you find venues or help in renting your venue.

Listing in our venue directory is free and it's free to search for your best venues.  Best of all our venue listings are going to be searchable by the following.

  • Venues by market areas
  • Venues by population in market areas
  • By a seating range such as 2,000 to 3,000
  • By type of venue
  • Median Income in the market
  • Median home value in the market
  • Population demographics


Here are some additional items you will find in our venue database

  • Types of seating, such as bleacher, chairs
  • Is reserved seating possible?
  • What types of Sound and Lighting are available
  • The capacity of parking lots
  • If parking is paid or free
  • Size of the performance area
  • Concession information
  • Safety and medical services required/available
  • Local non-profit organizations that can help with your event

Plus you will be able to contact many venues at one time by email. Saving you time when looking for available dates.


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