Unique Ticketing Solutions

Venue ticketing software at AttendStar is unique and easy to use. Our pricing is simple and low so we can share revenue with you. We do not require any contracts, so your rental clients can choose any vendor they want. Although, most likely they will choose you and us.

  • You or Your Client Collect Revenue Daily

  • AttendStar works with over 20 payment systems that allow you to collect your ticket sales revenue directly to your bank account. Why wait for your money?

  • Technology Leaders

  • Upgraded scanning technology allows you to scan tickets on a printed e-ticket, or directly from a ticket buyer’s phone screen. Our scanners also have the ability to accept credit card sales and they can scan faster than people can even move!

  • Reserved Seating

  • We will create any type of reserved seating chart you can imagine. Our software allows customers to pick their own seats.

  • Great Support

  • We will support your clients and their ticket buyers. Your clients will love working with you because they will like the quality of our support. Most of our first clients 5 years ago are still working with us!

  • Pricing You Will Love

  • Our venue ticketing pricing starts at just $1.50 (retail) per ticket for General Admission. Premium Seating costs vary, depending on configuration options. You collect ALL money directly to your bank account.

  • Easily Mark Up The Fees

  • AttendStar makes it easy to add additional fees to our fee allowing your venue to share in the ticketing revenue. Our fees are all flat fees, so your clients make more money!

Try it for yourself, contact us for a free demo today.