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Why Event Ticket Protection is Smart for Ticket Buyers and Sellers

At AttendStar, we continually update our ticketing platform, add and improve features, and even add services to help event organizers hold the most successful events possible. Last month, we launched a new feature that supports both ticket sellers and ticket buyers – Ticket Buyer Protection. It’s an important add-on that costs ticket sellers nothing to offer but can give ticket buyers the peace-of-mind they need to complete their purchases.

How Ticket Buyer Protection Helps Ticket Sellers

Event ticket insurance has been around for many years, but before the COVID-19 pandemic, not many people purchased it with event tickets. The world has changed, and event goers now understand that life’s unexpected surprises can prevent them from attending events they already bought tickets for.

As a result, there is a lot more uncertainty when it comes to buying tickets to future events than there was just a few years ago. Ticket insurance can help people choose to buy who are on the fence about it.

Bottom-line, so many things are out of people’s control today that offering ticket insurance is essential to protect your brand and deliver great event experiences. When there is less risk involved in buying tickets, people are more likely to buy for themselves and tell others they should buy tickets too.

In other words, offering ticket protection options can help:

  • Increase sales from new customers
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Retain customers
  • Boost loyalty
  • Generate positive word-of-mouth marketing
  • Decrease chargebacks and refunds
  • Increase buyer satisfaction

In addition, if a ticket buyer’s protected purchase is refunded due to an unexpected, qualifying circumstance, event organizers can resell the refunded ticket. Since unexpected events are covered through the protection plan, event organizers can be stricter with their own refund policies, which means more sales revenue will stay in your own account.

AttendStar partnered with Protecht, Inc., a leading provider of cancellation protection and refund protection for events, to integrate ticket insurance coverage options directly into the purchase process. It’s easy, seamless, and only costs event attendees a small additional fee to add Ticket Buyer Protection to their purchases.

Ticket Buyer Protection is free for ticket sellers, and since the protection purchase process is integrated directly into the AttendStar ticketing platform, event organizers don’t have to worry about processing claims. In fact, resolution times will drop.

Importantly, event organizers can be confident that their ticket buyers will be taken care of in a timely, professional way because Ticket Buyer Protection is backed by Protecht, an established company that ranked #30 in the insurance category on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies,.

How Ticket Buyer Protection Helps Ticket Buyers

Ticket buyers love Ticket Buyer Protection because it gives them peace-of-mind in an uncertain world. Most people are already familiar with this type of insurance, because they’ve seen it offered as trip protection when booking a flight, rental car, hotel room, and other travel-related purchases.

The best part is Ticket Buyer Protection is very inexpensive. Event attendees can add the upgrade to their shopping cart when buying tickets through the AttendStar platform and be approved with no extra steps and no paperwork. They’ll get coverage instantly.

Ticket Buyer Protection covers a long list of circumstances that could prevent someone from attending an event, such as a death in the family, a health emergency, a home emergency, severe weather, acts of nature, transportation failure, a crime against the buyer or family, legal obligations, employment obligations, public service obligations, and more. Ticket buyers can view the full terms and covered circumstances at the time of purchase, so there are no surprises.

If someone who bought tickets can’t attend the event, they can file a claim directly with Protecht. If the claim is valid, the money will be refunded, the ticket will be invalid for entry, and the ticket becomes available to sell again. It’s a simple and seamless online process.

Key Takeaways about Event Ticket Protection

Offering a way for your ticket buyers to get refunds if unexpected events prevent them from attending your event is essential. People want to know they can get their money back, and for a small fee, they’ll gladly buy Ticket Buyer Protection for the added peace-of-mind it provides. As a result, you’ll benefit from increased sales, fewer refunds, and more successful events.

Want to learn more about adding Ticket Buyer Protection to your events? Contact us or schedule a demo of the AttendStar ticket sales platform to get started.

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